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urbanescapee 06-19-14 02:53 AM

Xtracycle Dimensions
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Hey Gang,

So I'm looking at replacing the lower decks on my Trek Transport and am wondering if the dimensions are similar enough that I could just adapt the Xtracycle parts for my application. Basically all I need to know is: the center-to-center distance illustrated in the image below, and the corresponding inner diameters of those holes (or OD of the accessories that fit in the holes). I've spent an hour or so looking for an answer on here and the rest of the internet and no luck. I guess for a short period, Xtracycle had its design documents available to the public online but they seemed to have changed their minds about that idea. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with fairly precise measurements.

fotooutdoors 06-19-14 07:56 AM

Wayback machine is your friend!

urbanescapee 06-19-14 05:43 PM

that's awesome, thanks so much

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