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spin1moretime 06-22-14 12:48 PM

Raleigh, Venture 4.0, fenders
I got the Venture 4.0 at the LBS, after they told the wife that it can have fenders. And they have fenders, but there made of plastic. I want good metal chrome fenders. So far all the LBS have said is that metal won't work but I can't see why that would be, if plastic will. I'm willing to make them fit myself if I can find a basic fender that will fit the rear frame. Anyone out there was done this or can point me in the right direction? I would greatly love the help.

wahoonc 06-25-14 05:27 AM

Velo-Orange has nice metal fenders. I would measure very carefully to make sure you have clearance for them. You may have to "dent" them a bit to make them fit at the fork and the seat stays.

Aaron :)

syncro87 06-26-14 06:22 PM

Ideas for you:

Portland Design Works makes some metal fenders called "Full Metal Fenders"

SKS makes some called Chromoplastics. Basically a thin layer of metal inside, laminated in plastic I believe.

Also, check out the FENDERS section on Peter White Cycles page. They have some very sharp looking stainless fenders.

WALD makes some metal fenders you can find on

fietsbob 06-27-14 09:15 AM

this? Raleigh Bicycles Venture 4.0 - 2013 Lifestyle

if as pictured, you need wide 26" type..

SKS cromoplast is an aluminum- plastic composite .. i have 30 year old mudguards from them.

IE .. not all plastics are the same..

I could fit mudguards on that suspension fork . but cannot do it over the internet.

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