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aciresi132 07-22-14 12:02 PM

DIY Bike trailer
Does anyone have experience with building a trailer to pull a kayak or Stand up paddle board? I am thinking of building one and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Thanks!

KamikazeKunze 07-22-14 12:23 PM

I hear tell of people using Burley parts and a section of aluminum ladders for long DIY trailers.

jdswitters 07-22-14 02:32 PM

older burley with bunks above the tops of the wheels.


use a rack hitch on the front of the canoe, I didn't get any pictures of that. I made a canoe bike trip after building the trailer and decied that it wasn't really working for me. On the other hand I have hauled horse troughs, bales of hay and kegs.

for a SUP you might want to research surf board racks that mount on the bike.


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