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noisebeam 08-22-07 05:08 PM

Is this vehicular?
Well, obviously not. But lots of cyclists do this. (new video never posted before)

(note after intersections I was not overlapping wheels, it is just prespective of longer focal length lens. I stayed behind to side until cyclist got to a steady speed before deciding it was best to pass)


rando 08-22-07 06:13 PM

Ha! I've done that!

ghettocruiser 08-22-07 06:42 PM

You mean street race?


That guy was a sitting duck.

San Rensho 08-30-07 01:40 PM

I don't understand. Why would this not be vehicular, because you have to treat the cyclist as a vehicle and go into the next lane to pass?

noisebeam 08-30-07 01:45 PM

Who had to go into the next lane to pass?

Anyway I posted this for fun primarily. When I said 'not' I was refering to the other cyclist:
1. Passing (me) on the right in same lane when intending to go straight.
2. Not stopping at intersection, rolling across x-walk and beyond.
3. Starting to turn right, when the intended direction of travel is straight. That right movement took them almost out of the thru lane.

All these are commonly done by vehicles (their drivers) I probably should have said 'not VC'

At first I wasn't sure if the cylist was going straight or right. The kept looking left as if waiting for gap in x-traffic to turn into.

But I was having fun too posting this, don't take it too seriously, the video or my comments.


Brian Ratliff 08-30-07 02:51 PM

ohmygodyoudrafted!!! :eek:

noisebeam 08-30-07 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by Brian Ratliff (Post 5178111)
ohmygodyoudrafted!!! :eek:

Look again though, that doesn't qualify as drafting my experience, too far off to the side. Also I was further back than the video makes it look like, until I initated the pass.

That said, I would not be ashamed if I had drafted for a moment.


CommuterRun 08-30-07 03:01 PM

What the other cyclist did wasn't, what you did was. The only thing I might have done different is pass sooner, but that's just me.

LittleBigMan 08-30-07 08:04 PM

Noisebeam, give the guy a break.


I ride like you do, dead center on those two-lane narrows. I want my lane, no room for a motorist.

But fitting two cyclists in one narrow lane is not the same situation as fitting a cyclist and a motorist.

That's my take on it.

So, yes, it was vehicular for two cyclists, but not for a cyclist and a motorist. If you were in the center, did you want him to pass on the left? Maybe that would have been better, but maybe not, given "destination positioning." And if you consider that NOL's are wide enough for two cyclists (two cycling lanes,) why shouldn't one vehicle pass another on the right, if it's in "another lane?"

Ok, I know what you're saying, but try to see it from another perspective.

noisebeam 08-30-07 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by LittleBigMan (Post 5179947)
Noisebeam, give the guy a break.

I would never suggest to this cyclist that he rides any other way. I have no problem with what he does.


LittleBigMan 08-30-07 08:39 PM


Originally Posted by noisebeam (Post 5179997)
I would never suggest to this cyclist that he rides any other way. I have no problem with what he does.


Al, what really ticks me off is when I'm queued up in a NOL behind a motor vehicle (right tire-track,) and a cyclist blows by me with inches to spare on my right without warning.

Just gives me the heebie-jeebies. :D

(Like when a buddy thinks it's cool to scare the crap outta me. :rolleyes: )

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