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Bekologist 05-14-10 10:37 AM

Yehuda Moon tackles VC
yesterday and todays' Yehuda Moon comic strip humorously treats VC. Maybe he's introducing a VC story line into the strip, i thik he's touched on it before....

yehuda moon, VC teacher, in traffic

Pscyclepath 05-14-10 12:34 PM

It was fun to note that Yehuda got just about as many students as I usually do ;-) Just wondering what his LCI number is?

Rick had a short thread a little over a year ago where Joe gave Yehuda a copy of Forrester's Effective Cycling and he spent a couple of days reading it... and off and on Yehuda's been lecturing the neighborhood kids on riding in the street. It'll be fun to see where this one goes...

rando 05-14-10 01:08 PM

read the "comments" that go with the comic... reads like an A&S thread!

Kneez 05-17-10 10:45 PM

I have never seen this strip before. Thank you for introducing it.

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