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motiheal 12-21-11 03:50 PM

Best Driver In The World blog
Hi everyone. I am a new posting member. If you Google "best driver in the world" and choose the first hit, a blog, that's me. Also an avid cyclist and collector, I figured to post here first. Please look at the blog before jumping to a conclusion about the title-- it is written with utmost humility. If they let me post a link, here it is--

For the bicycle connection, here is my Flickr page. The Moser is for sale.[email protected]/

Long Island NY USA

hagen2456 12-26-11 05:50 PM

Hi motiheal, better late than never: welcome to Bike Forums.

You seem to have a some interesting observations to share on your blog, but if I were you, I'd simplify its typography/layout a bit. It's difficult to read, with the yellow and red blocks, and the large, bold font. Also, dark letters on a light background are easier on the eyes than vice versa.

That Moser is very pretty, and my size, but probably a bit outside my budget, not least considering the additional shipping to Denmark!

motiheal 12-27-11 07:16 AM

Thanks; I am looking to change the blog background. The Moser is a nice bike... at least you get to cycle in Denmark-- many of us here in the USA consider it to be a fabled paradise for cycling!


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