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bicyclridr4life 06-29-17 01:43 PM

BioPace Rings
Need: 26/36/ 40 to 44 tooth Shimano Exage Mountain 110/74 BCI BioPace chain rings. Prefer to trade a set of 28/38/48 Exage Mountain BioPace rings. No appreciable wear on the rings I have, I just need lower gearing.

If you prefer to sell, please let me know your price.

Thank you in advance.

bicyclridr4life 07-03-17 10:20 PM

No interest, it seems.
Moderators, will you please lock this thread?
Thank you.

Lazarus Short 08-29-17 10:11 AM

I have a 26T Biopace ring - interested?

prairiepedaler 11-17-17 09:52 PM

Hi, are yours alloy or steel?

long john 09-29-18 07:37 AM

I have new nos bio rings still interested

long john 09-29-18 07:40 AM
New in box 28 teeth New out of box perfect condition 44 teeth.

prairiepedaler 10-12-18 08:11 AM

Hi John, if you were in Canada perhaps the 44. I currently run a 48 but the 44 could work as second to replace the 38.

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