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NoWhammies 03-23-21 08:21 AM

Where to train in Vancouver?
Anyone have any suggestions on where to training in Vancouver? By training I mean doing sprints for X minutes, resting for Y minutes, etc. Or holding power output for X minutes at Y cadence, etc.

Anywhere I am aware of have massive hills or multiple stoplights. Thank you.

*Scuba 04-03-21 11:39 PM

Hi NoWhanmmies,

There are two very popular routes for doing training without massive hills or multiple stoplights.

The first one is the highway on the south side of the UBC campus and the other one is the route out to Iona pier in Richmond, pass the waste water treatment plant.

If you have any questions about these rides, let me know.


SapInMyBlood 04-04-21 12:21 AM

Pick any mountain on the north shore. Cyprèss is generally better for traffic.

Fisherman trail is good gravel climbing

Seymour demo road is closed to vehicles

104 Ave in surrey off Scott Rd / 120th is my favourite hill local to me for repeats

Tsawwassen has heaps of good climbs on the beach accèss roads on the west side

Vancouver to lighthouse Park via lions gate is fun

Prodigy4299 08-07-21 05:01 AM

I'll agree with Scuba that the north end of SW Marine Drive is brilliant for the type of repeats you describe.

On the North Shore, the north side of Mountain Highway in North Van is popular for hill repeats. Also a bunch of the numbered roads in West Van have a healthy incline and very little traffic (22nd, 25th, etc.)

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