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rvtraveller 04-09-21 03:17 PM

Vancouver Shop with Shimano IGH sales expertise?
Hello. I've been planning two (2) identical rear wheel builds using Shimano's Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub. Shifters will be Shimano electric Di2. Build labour and rim, spokes, and more to be purchased (x2). I have a frustrating problem: I've visited a few prominent, well-reviewed, Vancouver-area shops trying to line-up the parts and labour. I had a wheel rebuilt at one promising shop just to test their expertise (a fine job). But, none of those shops demonstrated any real familiarity with the IGH product line. Yes, IGH bikes were sold and serviced, but product (catalog) knowledge to support my purchase of components was poor. At one shop, my first question was answered with misinformation given in a most confident manner. Should it be the case that I know more about the products than the merchant (not Walmart, but a merchant with a specialty)? I won't visit more random shops looking for expertise. Please direct me to those shops having current expertise and catalog knowledge on Shimano IGH. Thanks.

*Scuba 04-12-21 08:46 PM

Hi rvtravller,

I am a mechanic at a shop, I have experience with Shimano IGH systems. What do you need? The only thing that is lacking at the shop that I work at is that we don't have a Shimano PCE-2 computer diagnostic tool for Di2 and e-tube.

I can build wheels, have worked with Shimano Alfine 11 speed IGH and Di2. A few weeks ago, shop just did a big tune up for a customer with Alfine 11, Di2.

Peace and bike grease,

rvtraveller 04-14-21 03:42 AM

Hello, Scuba. Thanks for your reply. I'm encouraged already. I've identified what I think are the correct part numbers for the job after reading online. I need the shop to confirm my parts list is complete and correct, and to tell me of any alternative/option part numbers that might serve better (I might not have found the latest stuff online). I have two or three simple questions (that I'm likely to answer for myself in the meantime). Next, I need to build a wheel on the new 36H hub. That wheel will be 3-cross on a 26" rim. Ultimately, I will install all the parts and new wheel myself. I'd really appreciate an opportunity to drop-by the shop with the bike to get this underway. If you'd help, and your shop orders my parts, I'd think they owe you a commission! My wife's identical bike will get the same treatment once I've test flown the first bike sufficiently. Please private message me if you and the shop can help. Thanks, Al.

rvtraveller 04-16-21 04:28 AM

Hello, *Scuba. I can't read your private message. A pop-up text box informs me that I can't use PM until I've posted 10 times. Will you please send the text of the unread PM to my e-mail? Thanks, Al.

*Scuba 04-16-21 05:07 PM

Hi Al,

I will email you what I wrote in the private message.


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