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cyclesomatic 09-11-06 02:12 PM

The Vancouver Thread
Hey, looking for Vancouver Bikers.

Any of y'all use this board?

Mr. Gear Jammer 09-11-06 05:13 PM

Does not matter where we come from, as long as we got something in common "bike riding":) .

WannaGetGood 09-11-06 06:03 PM

I am in Abbotsford. :)

cyclesomatic 09-12-06 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by Mr. Gear Jammer
Does not matter where we come from, as long as we got something in common "bike riding":) .

Well, yes and no.

No, because we all share in one culture and can get down to the bikelove no matter where we are.

Yes, because if we live in the same region we can share tips about places to ride, upcoming events, and all the good **** that goes with building a community.

Mr. Gear Jammer 09-12-06 04:47 PM

Well looks like ya proved my saying 50% wrong there:rolleyes:.

closetbiker 09-18-06 07:57 PM

Bicycle utopia here, eh?

Mr. Gear Jammer 09-24-06 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by closetbiker
Bicycle utopia here, eh?

You know it man:D.

bspalteh 09-28-06 01:20 PM

Vancouver Biker
I'm in South Surrey.

VanCityJ 09-29-06 01:29 PM

Downtown Van baby!

definitelymaybe 10-02-06 10:36 AM

east van...

cyclotoine 10-21-06 10:54 PM

Mnt/ Pleasant (central/east van) this board seems fairly unused..

b-ride 10-24-06 05:34 PM

fraser and 26th ave and i work downtown van. i'm a messenger, watch for the red cramerotti fixy.

mander 11-16-06 07:51 PM

Port Moody.

WannaGetGood 11-16-06 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by mander
Port Moody.

Lol, we play you on Saturday for Soccer.

lvivier 11-23-06 06:07 PM

East Van, work on Broadway. Moved from Victoria in May, just getting used to the traffic.

tubular10 12-08-06 08:50 PM

Vancouver Re:cycles
Near Commercial Drive.
I belong to a group of cyclists on Vancouver Meetup Groups.
All creatures great and small we are. We've gone from Confederation Park over Burnaby Mnt. and into Moody. Some of trips are 60 to 80 km others are casual rides with a coffee or gelato at the end. There are a few organizers in the group so we do challenging trails, open roads, poodle paths - flavour of the day rides. Things are kinda slow now because the weather is somewhat crappy and unpredictable - I hate fighting strong headwinds but I don't mind drizzle. I have a couple of steel lugged japanese bikes - Fuji Acer (triple butted Ishiwata frame) and a Zunow. Brodie hybrid for trails. A couple of projects - Giant OCR2 and a weird scalloped Columbus CrMoly/Campy/Lightstrong frame with a 650 front wheel and a 700 back wheel.

wethepeople 12-09-06 04:03 AM

Kelowna my nigz.

WannaGetGood 12-09-06 02:05 PM

lol, your close enough.

Prodigy4299 12-14-06 05:29 PM

I am a resident of Van and student at UBC.

Quite amazing how despite the number of bikers around the city, this sub-forum is as dead as can be... :(

closetbiker 12-14-06 05:43 PM

maybe we're much cooler online than in-person and we don't want to blow our image?

closetbiker 12-23-06 06:41 PM

Anyone manage to get out yesterday morning and find the roads were covered in black ice?

I've been commuting by bike for 22 years and have only once seen the roads as bad as yesterday.

cycliques 03-22-07 12:40 PM

Hello anyone who may still be following this thread. With all the bikes I see around town I thought there would be way more posts. I live in Kits by the Hollywood and bike everywhere i need to go, how bout youse? Also, a shot in the dark: I'm looking for a 58cm frame for the track riding and thought somebody in the community might be able to help me out...


closetbiker 03-22-07 05:37 PM

Cheap Skates at 16th and Dunbar is one of the best shops in town (for used deals), but if you want expertise (and want to pay for it) there's lots of others.

Close by is Ace Cycles and West Point. Down Broadway a bit, La Bicycletta is pretty hard to beat.

TMB 03-24-07 12:51 PM

Red CRammer Fixie!

I have seen that bike around downtown.

I'm in Kelowna but in Vancouver quite a bit, bring my bike when I can - does that count??

unixd0od 03-25-07 05:13 AM

Right in downtown Van myself.

I actually run a vancouver bike message board, check it out for local bike events, rides, parties and general fun stuff.

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