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wilcode 07-06-08 07:45 PM

biking from vancouver to victoria
hey, i'm planning a ride from downtown van to downtown vic. any tips/advice/route and bridge suggestions on either side? i understand there's a shuttle to run you though the massey tunnel, yes? i'm relatively new to the west and know nothing about victoria, richmond, delta etc

Burkevillebrewr 07-08-08 12:39 PM

I would recommend the Cyprus bike route south, then over the Arthur Laing bridge onto Sea Island, then the 2 Road bridge onto Lulu Island (Richmond) and the Railway Ave. bike lane south. Stop in Steveston for a coffee and a gander at the fishing boats. Then go East along **** Road, meandering through farm country (stop at Finn Slough and have a look around) then to No. 5 Road north, east on Rice Mill Road, which will lead you to the bike shuttle:

From there, you can either take the bike route that goes under highway 99 just south of the tunnel and into Ladner or through the bike route that takes you under highway 99 just south of highway 17. Go through Ladner and take the farm land to Tswassen and the ferry. Don't take the freeway, there is no need.

In Victoria, follow the Lochside Trail south. Some paved, some on-road, some gravel, all pretty good.

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