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Souplesse 05-04-09 10:17 PM

Thanks for stopping to make sure I was alright

Went for a ride tonight and took my bigger saddle bag instead of the one I commute with. Transferred all my gear over except I somehow forgot....the nozzle to my CO2 pump......

and sure enough...

I got a flat on the way back into town; imagine my surprise when I opened that saddle bag. Two new tubes; brought the wrong size presta stem turns out as well, patch kit, tire levers, two CO2 carts and no nozzle..bah...

The sun was already pretty low at the roundabout and it started to get pretty chilly. By the time I got the flat it was getting cold and dark.

I decided to start working on the tire anyways while I was waiting for my friend a fellow cyclist coming back from his ride; who turns out is another BF'er, stopped and helped me out.

I'm sorry I didn't catch the spelling to your online handle. None? Anyways. Thank you so much for stopping and helping me at the side of the road as I was freezing and my fingers were getting hella numb. I owe you some beer at the very least :)


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