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North of You 02-25-12 10:33 AM

Rides around Calgary/Aiirdrie?????
I just moved from Canmore to Airdrie and have been looking around for a suitable road to ride. So far all the roads to the west that I have seen seem to have zero shoulder and zero room, which scares me a bit. As it is winter I have no idea how bad the traffic will be on them in the summer so I donít know if I will be taking my life into my own hands riding on them.

Was thinking of riding the 567 to the 22 and then up to Sundre. Is this a safe idea, or will I become a speed bump/target for trucks with truck testicles?? HELP!

zenith 03-05-12 12:54 PM

I think you will be safe. I see a lot of bikes going on those roads. The 567 is usually used for Triathlon training in the summer so lots of cyclists. The pass around Bearspaw Road is a little hard and the hill by the Big Hill Spring park is quite long and steep. I wouldn't do them myself, not on a bike! If you just want to ride the 262 is great. Easier and less passing. If you stay on your side of the road cars are passing you without problem. I also ride on the 1A at times. The shoulder is big there. I've had no issue so far except the dude that screamed at me through his car window the one time. The pavement is new on a good portion of it too. Smooth ride.
If your into a little bit of mountain biking they just opened the Glenbow ranch park. Apparently there's miles of paths to go to.
Hope this help.

mercator 03-22-12 09:49 PM

Most of the 3 digit highways (567,574,772...) are fine although I wouldn't want to ride them during rush hour, there are a lot of country commuters and some of them drive like idiots.

Even better are the paved country roads, like Twp Rds 264 and 272, they have almost no traffic and decent pavement.

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