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Shelwar83 04-25-12 03:38 PM

Early May Cycle tour in Kananaski Country, Kootenay and Yoho national parks
Hi guys,

I am new here and looking for some advice, I have suddenly found out I have 3 weeks off work (visa issues - i'm from england) and so want to do some bike touring so that i'm not just wasting my free time. I live in Calgary, so want to do an 8 or so day solo cycle tour in Kananaskis, Kootenay and Yoho, but from all the information i've read its still way too early and the winter gates are still closed and at best i might be able to do a big circle around it all rather than meandering through the parks themselves.

Has anyone done much cycle touring in this area and have any advice for me, particularly on the time of year? I would also love to go offroad a bit on mountain bike trails but i spoke to the visitor centres and they pretty much seemed shocked that I even asked! My guidebook says that they open in may though and I would be looking at going on or just before the 1st of May.

Also advice on what you believe are the best and most scenic routes would be great, I'm not looking for the hardest and most challenging routes although i am capable of them if need be, but i mostly enjoy seeing the scenery and spotting wildlife than pushing myself to the limits!

Any help/advice very much appreciated!



Boudicca 04-26-12 07:11 AM

You might want to try the touring forum -- it's more active than this one.

A truly beautiful ride is the going to the sun highway in Glacier park (US side), but it almost certainly won't be open as early as May. I biked it in early July and they had just opened it, with banks of snow making it seem like riding into an icebox. I've biked around Radium and other areas, but always far later in the year.

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