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progers 07-20-12 12:28 AM

Nanaimo to Campbell River - Best Route?
Hello all, I am wanting to ride from Nanaimo to Campbell River in a few weeks and am trying to figure out the best route. Friends have told me the old highway will be more scenic but I am concerned it will have poorer shoulders and therefore be less safe. The new Island highway is my other choice but I have concerns about that too. Has anyone done all or part of this route and would be willing to share their thoughts and experiences?

Thanks and have a great day,


RickL 07-28-12 11:52 PM

I much prefer the old highway. There is less traffic, better rest stops and better views.

From Nanaimo to Nanoose you haven't any choice, only the new highway but it has wide shoulders all the way. You can detour through Lantzville if you want to avoid a bit of the highway.

There is also a back route from Nanoose to Parksville, longer and hillier but I prefer it. Turn at the Petrocanada station if you choose this option.

graybeard 08-25-12 04:57 PM

Hi Paul, this is probably to late for your trip, but either route is good....the old highway is very safe and the smaller shoulders are not a problem... lots of small towns and services along the wayplus aesome viewing...almost non existant traffic weekdays... no or at least very very few big trcks....other highway is higher up, so a bit more clmbing, bigger shoulders, lot of truck traffic and views of trees and I mean NO services north of Nanoose... hope this helps if it is not to late,..

Northwestrider 08-26-12 09:32 PM

I recommend the old highway , I rode it about 3 months ago, and found it preferable due to the lower traffic rate, scenery.

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