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isaacr 08-29-12 09:27 PM

Find out if a bicycle has been reported stolen with s/n search(in Canada)
Have you seen a vehicle or bike that might have been stolen? If it has been reported to the police, they keep a record of this in the CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) database. You can search VINs, license plates, and bike serial numbers to confirm.

I thought this would be a valuable resource that this community could use to help combat bicycle theft.

If there is a 'hit' you are then instructed to notify your local police agency.

The non emergency number where I live, for the Vancouver Police Department, is 604-717-3321.
Information is updated on the site about every 48 hrs

- Isaac

ScandiHo 10-19-12 10:50 PM

North Vancouver RCMP seized $20,000 worth of stolen bikes from the home of a Vancouver man on Thursday.

Gordon Sinclaire Blackwell, 44, is charged with possession of stolen property and trafficking stolen property.

Two North Vancouver residents called the police last month after they found their recently stolen bikes for sale online. Mounties say they found eight stolen high-end bikes when they searched Blackwellís property, as well as thousands of dollars worth of parts.

Blackwell is being held in custody on parole violations.

He was released from jail in July after serving two years for being caught in 2009 with dozens of stolen high-end bikes under the guise of a bike rescue company.

RCMP have returned one of the recently recovered bikes to its owner and are looking for the owners of the others:

* Silver Specialized Rockhopper Expert Menís Mountain Bike
* Grey Cove Sanchez Menís BMX Bike
* White Cove G-Spot Menís Mountain Bike
* Silver Cervello Menís Triathalon Bike
* Green Norco Shore Menís Mountain Bike
* Brown Santa Cruz Butch Menís Mountain Bike

Anyone who has had one of these bikes stolen recently should call the North Vancouver RCMP Property Crime Unit at 604-985-1311.

TornadoCAN99 10-16-13 12:30 PM

Here's my story:
1.5 yrs ago my All Carbon Hybrid bike was stolen from my parking garage. Filed a police report, an insurance claim and posted the incident on the Vancity Bike Watch website
That was further hope of every seeing my beloved bike again. A few days ago, I get an email from a complete stranger stated he thinks he's seen my bike on the local Vancouver Craigslist...he checked the Bike Watch site to see if it was reported and saw my posting there. Sure enough, the CL ad was my bike. I called the VPD Property Desk non-emerg number and was instructed to reach out to the seller & arrange a HAD to be in Vancouver, or else I'd need to work with other police departs (RCMP etc) which may have other policies. VPD would arranged for an Officer to meet me ahead of the seller to go over what would happen.
Sure enough, I met the officer 1 hr beforehand...he was very eager and focused on this...was his 3rd bike sting that day. He also had a team of at least 5 or 6 officers positioned all around the area of the intended meetup. Got the call from the seller, he had arrived but changed the agreed location to a few blocks away...I heard the officer beside me relaying all these new details to his team while I was on the phone w. seller. I even got him to state his car type & colour. Told him I'd be 5 or 10 minutes walking over. Officer had me stay put while he went to the new location with his team. 45 min. later he drove up and had my bike. Turned out the guy had very useful info for the police and was giving details of a bigger operation/ring he was involved the police were extremely pleased with the was I.
Now I just have to square things with my insurance.

Way to go VPD!

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