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Norsman 01-28-14 02:54 PM

Best Route across the Prairies
I have been asked for the best route across the prairies. Assuming the route through BC is Highway 3, what route would you choose? When I did my cross Canada ride in 2012 I went Hwy 3 through Alberta and then the Trans Canada to Moose Jaw. I then took Hwy 39 to Weyburn and then Hwy 13 through Saskatchewan and Hwy 2 to Winnipeg and the TCH to Ontario. Hwy 3 and 1 through Alberta and Saskatchewan were easy to ride if not that thrilling scenery wise. However I found Hwy 13 and 2 very busy, with poor surfaces and in the case of Hwy 2, often without a decent shoulder. I took the TCH through the rest of Manitoba just to get out of the province as fast as possible. Is there a better route to take to cross this area?

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