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Edmontoban 05-03-14 09:02 PM

Does anybody know anything about this bicycle brand?
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Hi folks,

I've recently come into ownership of an old bike, which I'm fairly certain is an old department store brand that no longer exists. The brand is Venture, and the model is Mountain Tour. Just based on a Google search, it appears that the brand only existed in Canada, as virtually the only search results are for kijiji ads of people selling Venture bikes in Canadian cities. A couple of people on forums have suggested it was probably an in-house brand sold by Zellers. Thus I suspect the bike isn't worth anything, however I'm curious about it just because there's so little information about the brand on the internet.

In any case I kind of like the look of the bike, so I think I'll keep it. I've taken it into the bicycle co-op to fix it up so that it's rideable (just needed to replace the chain and the cables) and so far haven't had any problems with it. What I'm wondering is:

-does anybody have any knowledge of this bike brand/ model? Can anyone verify that this was a cheap Zellers brand?
-any guesses on the year my bike was made?

I've attached a couple of pics of the bike. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks all!

gecho 05-06-14 08:24 AM

I believe Venture was a brand that was sold at Canadian Tire.

Torchy McFlux 05-29-14 05:38 PM

It's a "brand" that was sold at The Bay. Cheap steel frames that were built at the same factory in Waterloo, Quebec as Canadian Raleighs and a bunch of other cheaper brands, I believe. The market has sure changed a lot.

Yac Zak 07-12-14 07:47 PM

Haha! I used to have a Venture as well. Got it at Zellers. Yes, they had a reputation for being cheap bikes. However, mine lasted me a good 7 years of steady riding. Until one day it got knicked in front of a Safeway... By that time it was so beat up, I used to joke that whoever stole it must have been DESPARATE for a bike.

Yac Zak 07-12-14 07:48 PM

As for guesses on your year, I'd go late 1980's (1987 - 1990), based on the components, paint job, etc.

Wilfred Laurier 10-14-14 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by Yac Zak (Post 16932739)
As for guesses on your year, I'd go late 1980's (1987 - 1990), based on the components, paint job, etc.

I would think earlier than that, based on the roller-cam style brakes. I would guess 83-85 or so.

LesterOfPuppets 10-14-14 01:06 PM

I'd guess around 1983-85 also.

Cool bullmoose bars on there. The shifters are probably pretty cool too, but pic not clear enough on those.

MattzCer 11-30-14 03:16 PM

Its from Late 80s

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