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FreeBrownRider 05-27-14 03:50 PM

Riders in Fort McMurray

Recently moved to Fort McMurray, gotta say it's a nice little town and there's a LOT of construction going on everywhere. Anyways, I got in to road biking last summer and I'd like to continue it this summer. Only problem is, I haven't found many people yet. I guess that's because I JUST moved here. I've also posted an Ad on Kijiji LOL

Anywho, if you're up in Fort McMurray and are looking to do some beginner road biking (maybe 50-60 kms in the beginning) and then move on to something bigger - my personal goal is to set a 160 kms by the end of Setember or October. I've done 118kms in one day last year so I'm hoping this is not too ambitious a goal. Besides, I'm willing to put in effort. I need people with me!

Reply here, email me at, just get in touch with me and we can try to figure something out!

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