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XXLHardrock 07-05-14 12:49 PM

Calgary& Edmonton cycling recommendations?
I'm passing through both cities this weekend and have some time to get the bike out. I'm limited by where I can park the truck, so around SE Calgary near Barlow and 50st or in NW Edmonton near 170 st and the Yellowhead would be ideal. Near Nisku would work as well.

Mainly looking for bike paths and or basic dirt trails. Any recommendations are much welcomed


XXLHardrock 07-06-14 10:18 AM

63 views and no response. Apparently no one has heard of the Bow River Pathway in Calgary. This is nothing short of amazing. Calgary has 800 KM bike/walking path available to enjoy, plus various bike lanes on streets.

The City of Calgary - Pathways and bikeways

gecho 07-08-14 07:28 AM

Best I can suggest is checkout the Strava global heatmap to see the popular spots for cycling:

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