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CriticalThought 02-06-17 01:41 PM

Fat Biking with Skiers
Went up to the Sierra Nevadas (California) with some friends to do some cross country skiing. Found out I could rent a Surly Pugsely and since I didn't want to exacerbate my ankle injury, thought I might give the fat bike a try.

I had previously thought of them as more of a lark and novelty than a serious bike (despite seeing some incredible trips done on them). I was really pleasantly surprised to find that with sub-10psi I was able to ride the hell out of it on the trails. I suspect they're much more condition dependent than most bikes, and the conditions were great for me, but that being said I still want one of my own! What a riot. And it was really fun seeing the hilarious looks skiers would give me when they saw me. I guess these bikes are still relatively uncommon. I lot of skiers looked at me as if I had gone out for a ride to the market downtown and somehow gotten reallllly lost. :lol: I suspect it had a lot to do with my attire.

I found it really easy to ride with skiers, but you have to be conscientious and not tear up the trails. I'm looking forward to doing some off trail (off ski-trail) anyway rides!

rumrunn6 02-06-17 01:47 PM

looks like the trails were nice & wide too, so the skiers didn't feel crowded?

CriticalThought 02-06-17 01:51 PM

:)Nobody seemed to mind and I'd just ride at the side of the trail when passing. For a while I rode with the skiers that I came with and they just skied along side. I guess common courtesy went a long way. :thumb:

luker 02-08-17 01:04 PM

Woohoo! Another convert! Its really snowy where I live (woo, especially this year), and fat bikes have given us a good alternative to skiing.

About the ski probably already know but do try to stay out of the classic lane (the deeply set two tracks along the edge of the groomed trail). As long as you are not creating a rut, usually anywhere in the skate lane is okay. Sometimes a single track fat bike lane is set along the very edge opposite the classic track. If you use the trail system often it is a good idea to find out who does the trail maintenance and maybe leave a little cash for their effort, or volunteer to help on trail maintenance day.

speculant 05-11-17 02:35 PM

I miss living in ND and seeing all the fat tires around wintertime.

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