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Winter Cycling Don't let snow and ice discourage you this winter. The key element to year-round cycling is proper attire! Check out this winter cycling forum to chat with other ice bike fanatics.


Old 12-17-17, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by HerrKaLeun View Post
I finally got to test and both the balaclava and goggles are great. I rode over an hour with my fatbike over construction sites (meaning slow and lot of exhaustion up earth hills etc.) at a around 29F.

Originally I wanted to crosstest all my old and new goggles with old and new balaclava. Well, with the old balaclava it fogged already in the house, so I gave up on that. So just the new balaclava and old ski goggles, a set of safety goggles and these new ones. the old ski goggles fogged a bit and the fog stayed even after riding. the safety goggles were better, but occasionally fogged. these new ski goggles literally didn't fog at all.
Oh, I might have to get a pair of these. They claim to fit over glasses. When it gets cold and I heat up and sweat and then stop at a light for a minute or two, my glasses sometimes fog up. I hate that. Then again, winter here is kind of an oxymoron all by itself. I have yet to bike under 40F, though, and have only had fog once or twice. Probably when it was not one of those bone dry days, but had some humidity.

But I now have warm feet with my new Shimano MW7 shoes! I'm so happy to have warm feet! Why was I so doggone cheap all these years? Nothing I tried is as good as a pair of winter shoes.
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Old 12-24-17, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by dh024 View Post
The majority of winter commuter cyclists I know use a mask similar to this when the weather gets really cold:

Neoprene is very warm and it stops the wind from penetrating. It also won't soak through with moisture. You may have to cut open the mouth hole a bit, however.
I have this.

It irritates the bottom of my nose...scratches it raw, and can't be easily modified. The upper doesn't integrate as well with goggles as they claim, so it pinches down on the nose and constricts airflow.

Overall, not happy with this one, and am searching for something else.
Good night...and good luck
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Old 12-26-17, 04:46 PM
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Did you know the name came from a Battle location during the Crimean War?

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Originally Posted by HerrKaLeun View Post
For a $60 Balaclava I wanted to see more positive reviews regarding fogging. i agree reviews are not everything, but i can take a risk with $15.I ordered this one and will see. i also got some clear ski goggles tha thad good fogging reviews.

I got them just in time for what I think is bitter (20F). they did not fog up on my 12 mile commute! Thank you for the link.

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A few years back I got a good balaclava on eBay. They had a great selection and most had free shipping.
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Old 01-19-18, 01:12 PM
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I bought a couple of Bula fleece balaclavas at Costco last year, and use them every day bike commuting in Minneapolis (down well below 0F). I'm really happy with them - they're cheap ($10 each), warm, easy to breathe through, and made in Canada. Having two is nice as I can rotate them through the laundry as they get gross
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Old 01-23-18, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by zaxmalloy View Post
I use and have two different 45North baclavas but find baclava's generally can get soggy and make it hard to breath. They can also cause glasses to fog when it gets under 25 here in Minnesota.

What I've started using is Endura Baa Baa which goes up over the the top of my head and under my front lip. I then use a 45North Greazy cap in combination with it - all under a winter helmet with goggles. No fogging, no sogginess.

I use a Shea butter skin moisturizer and lip balm to protect any exposed skin. This also offers an advantage over a one piece baclava in that if get to warm, I can take off the neck gaiter and/or cap.
I'll have to look into a Greazy cap. I have an L.L.Bean Gore-Tex cap, with fleece lining, shaped just like that. I've been using a wool beanie, underneath, on colder days, but that Greazy would be perfect. 😎
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Old 02-07-18, 09:08 AM
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I use Under Armour
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I wonder if a facekini would be useful on some cold days that aren't brutal
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I struggled to find a good facemask to use that wouldn't fog up my glasses or goggles. My solution was the lowly scarf. I wrap it tight as I start to cover completely. Once the blood starts flowing I can pull it down a bit to keep the glasses clear. After that I just move it up and down as needed. Up to cover when going down hills, down so I don't fog up when I stop.

This works very well for me, the worst temps around here this year have been about -5F.
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