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Winter shoe?


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Originally Posted by aggiegrads View Post
i have yet to hear from anyone who has bought winter shoes and regretted it.
Mine are now 10 years old, and still fully functional. (PI Barrier GTX which is no longer made).
Today's 35-mile ride started at ~27F and finished at ~33F and the feet never got even the slightest bit cold with only the same thin wool socks I wear year round.
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I got a pair of the Northwave Extreme GTX 2 this year and I can't complain. They've kept my feet warm into the 20s on my 12.5 mile commute in Chicago. Once it gets colder we'll see how they hold up, but they seem very good quality.
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Originally Posted by Riveting View Post
Shimano MW81 GoreTex....Good from 45 F down to 5 F with proper wool socks, and sometimes supplemented by a chemical toe warmer across the tops of the toes.
I’d say that 5°F is a bit low for the Shimano shoe. I’d put the lower end at about 20°C and I’m not too bothered by cold. They are okay up to about 45°F and endurable up to about 55°F.

Originally Posted by Marcus_Ti View Post
That is a huge temp range, especially if for fair-weather (for winter) cycling.

My only experience has been Lakes. But both the 303 (coworker has them) and 400 (I have them), even with summer-weight socks, are far too warm for above freezing if there isn't rain/sleet. Probably the highest up their lineup you want to go are the 145 level--but neither I nor any of my coworkers are familiar with them
The location of Milton banana is the key. Colorado Front Range temperature can swing widely on any given day. Riding in the morning (commuting) can start at 10° to 20°F while riding home may be in the mid-60°F. It’s a crazy place to try to dress for.

I agree that the Lake 303 is warm above 40°F. It a great cold weather shoe but it is hot for “moderate” temperatures.

Originally Posted by milton banana View Post
As I go through the process of deciding what to buy I've come across some confusion with sizing. On the Competitive Cyclist site I've noticed a problem with the estimate of America men's size compared with EU sizing. For example using size 12 as a base line here's how the EU size stacks up per manufacturer. Sidi is a 47. Shimano is a 48. NW is a 45. Lake is a 46. Fizik a 12 1/2 is 46. Mavic is 46 2/3 is a 12. I have had to return stuff to them before so that's not a problem, but damn.
Sizes vary a lot. That’s why you need to try them on. Something to consider as well is that you need a shoe that is larger than a summer shoe. Bicycle shoes usually run slightly small and fit close. You don’t what that in a winter shoe. If you need a size 12 shoe for normal riding, you should consider a size 13 (at least) for winter riding. You’ll want to put much thicker socks in the shoe and you’ll want the extra room.

From a Colorado perspective, I like the Lake 303 I have for days when the temperature isn’t going to vary much. If it is going to be below 30°F all day long, the Lakes are spectacular. But if the temperature is going to vary like it normally does around here, Shimano’s MW81 or MW5 work very well. They are a little cold at 20°F but endurable. They aren’t as hot at 40°F. 45NRTH’s Ragnarök wouldn’t be a bad choice either.
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I commented on the 45North Fasterkatt before I saw the need for the big temperature range. I've ridden mine when temps have go up a lot and been very pleasantly surprised at how dry (and good smelling) my socks stay. This is true if I spend real amounts of time indoors also. I bought my boots big enough to wear silk inner socks, a thin men's dress sock that runs up nearly to my knee (those socks old men wear; been using them for winter riding the past 40 years) and a moderately think boot sock.

Riding them when it gets too warm means I am too warm but I have never had foot issues doing it. Tose boots have been a very successful addition to my riding. I just wish they had a LOOK-style 3-bolt model for my other bikes.


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And totally off topic - I grew up in Milton, Massachusetts. Went to school with a kid whose dad was a somebody at Chiquita Banana. He used to come to school with rolls of the blue Chiquita stickers to give to the cool kids.

Spent the summer of '76 at my parents, racing and eating a lot of bananas.

Keep you name. I like it!

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I just bought a pair of Sidi Zeros from Competitive Cyclist, same decision OP is considering. Took them out yesterday in 28 to 36 F weather and found that a winter shoe is way superior to my summer shoes with shoe covers (as others on BF have said). Wish I'd done this three years ago. I bought mine in a 45, my summer Sidis are 43.5, to allow for two pair of wool socks. Toasty toes.
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I have a couple pairs of non cycling shoes that I use when it is too cold for my cleated biking shoes. One pair is an athletic type Hush Puppy, only wear when dry, that is bigger and wider than an average size 9. I have room for liners, thin regular socks and, lastly, a medium thickness winter type sock. I ride my commuter-errand-light touring bike when it is cold/wet. It has fenders, racks and 37 mm tires. If it is going to be a wet ride I wear a duck type, rubber/waterproof type, ankle high boot that also has enough room thicker socks. They are too warm unless it is wet and really cold.
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