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bbbean 10-14-20 10:19 AM

Toe covers with SPD
Suggestions for toe covers that work well with SPD or other recessed cleats?

Marcus_Ti 10-14-20 10:57 AM

PIs work well IMHO at least with SPDs and Giro/Shiman/SIDI shoes I've tried

bbbean 10-14-20 11:16 AM

Originally Posted by Marcus_Ti (Post 21743014)
PIs work well IMHO at least with SPDs and Giro/Shiman/SIDI shoes I've tried

No problems with slipping forward and getting caught on pedal, or wearing from walking on gravel or mud?

shelbyfv 10-15-20 02:44 PM

I've only used the cheap ones that were sold by Nashbar and Performance. They are a consumable, the bottoms get chewed up fairly quickly. I generally enlarge the hole, makes it easier to clip in. I've never had any part of the cover get hung up on the pedal though I've wondered if that might happen.

dcee604 10-27-20 10:39 PM

I have a pair of Axiom ones that have worked well for me. No issues clipping in my SPD's.

ericzamora 12-12-20 12:26 PM

Go full shoe cover instead.

eric/fresno, ca.

bbbean 12-12-20 05:32 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I found a pair from RockBros that stay on and stay well clear of the cleats.. I haven't tried aggressive dismounts and remounts yet, but with no CX racing tile next year, it's largely a moot point for now.

AmelieGagnon 12-16-20 02:35 PM

Also I have Axiom and it is enough for me. When I compare it on the net , it is one of the best choice

pdlamb 12-16-20 03:41 PM

I haven't found any toe covers that work with large (size 13/49) MTB shoes. Showers Pass makes shoe covers that are large enough to work, though.

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