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pandabear 12-03-20 09:31 AM

SPD Sandals in Winter? Windproof winter sock?
Anyone else wear their sandals in the winter? I am in Wisconsin and get freezing temps. I would like to avoid overshoes if I can. Is there a thick, windproof sock that can do the job? I was looking at the rapha winter socks. Thanks and happy riding!

noglider 12-03-20 06:12 PM

I might try it this winter.

Marylander 12-03-20 06:26 PM

Maybe something like the sealskinz socks would work, perhaps with some thin wool socks as liners.

pdlamb 12-04-20 09:25 AM

Just thinking here.

You'll want something to provide warmth, and something to provide a wind block. Warmth is easy, the warmest wool socks you can find. The wind block is a bit trickier. A neoprene over-sock like Sealskinz might work, as long as it's a size too big to allow the socks some room, and then you'll want sandals that are at least one size, and possibly two sizes, larger than your summer sandals. Or you could try something like Showers Pass shoe covers over the sandal-with-socks.

Or you could try a fancy leather cover -- you know, like a shoe?

Paniolo 12-05-20 02:51 PM

I commuted over the winter in spd sandals, but it was in Austin so mornings were usually about freezing which I'm sure is warmer than you! I went with thick wool socks and a neoprene toe cover which worked well.

I'm trying out these Randy Sun windproof socks this winter in normal cycling shoes at around $10. They have been OK in a summer shoe, not as thin as I hoped for but they do fit in my specialized road shoes. So far they have been fine to mid 40's but without a overshoe don't see them as enough around freezing.

chaadster 12-21-20 08:13 PM

NRS Hydroskin socks would work. I have a pair, but I don’t wear them with sandals, because that sounds mad dorky.

Sorcerer 12-21-20 11:23 PM

How about those neoprene rear zip or velcro over the shoe booties? My spouse and I ride in sandals. However, our climate is not too extreme. The booties are for the rain, which we hope comes again.

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