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mikemjd 01-05-21 01:04 PM

How should winter gloves fit/do these fit me (video included)
Hi all,

I'm wondering if fellow winter cyclists can offer some tips/advice on how gloves for this type of riding should fit.

I've found some gloves that are well reviewed, and don't break the bank (too much): Endura Pro SL Primaloft Waterproof Gloves

I'm having trouble picking between Medium and Large, the Large size has extra room (1cm or so) on the end of all fingers apart from primary, and the Medium has a bit of room on each finger, and touching the hem on the primary finger.

It's really hard to pick between the two as I'm not sure how these gloves should fit. If I was selecting gloves for every day wear, it would be the Medium, as they feel less 'clumsy', down to the Large's excess room on the fingers, but it's possible that spacing could be intentional for winter cycling gloves.

It could also be possible neither of these gloves fit correctly. With them being pricey, I want to be more assured before using them and not being able to return.

Here's a video showing the fits of both sizes:

Thanks for the help.

epnnf 01-08-21 01:34 PM

Do you plan on wearing liners under? Personally, I never wear waterproof- it only makes things wet inside; YMMV.

79pmooney 01-08-21 01:52 PM

I always go for larger. No drawbacks. Close fits off the bike usual mean either less than full comfort in one or more hand positions or riding with your fingers pushed into the glove, negating the insulating. Plus, that tight fit shortens the life of the glove. Having the option for liners is another plus. Only drawback, looking goofy. And on that note, remember that the only victory an American has ever had at the Giro d'Italia, the great 3 week race around Italy, was done wearing oversized neoprene fishing gloves from our midwest. (1988. Andy Hampsten riding over Passio di Gavia in a snowstorm. In the famous photo, his gloves dwarf everything else. The stage that put him into the lead that he carried to the finish.)

Bikewolf 01-08-21 03:21 PM

When in doubt, go larger. Especially true for winter cycling gloves. Maybe you can compare the Endura size with the size of gloves you have?

Bye the bye, review videos are not always great.
E.g. if they do not show the product in practice and over a longer, intensily used period of time.

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