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Jackalope 09-28-05 09:26 PM

winter conversion rim/tire questions
Hey, I have a simple question that I can't seem to find a satisfactory answer to and I'm hoping you guys can help me. I have an early 90's Raliegh POS road bike that I converted to a fixed gear. I want to use it to commute to and from school in Buffalo, NY, which necessitates good studded tires. I have heard great things about the Nokians, and I'd like to put the 35mm 700c ones on the bike. I have some decent old aluminum rims that I'd like to use for this because money's tight, but I'm concerned about the size. The rim measures either 15mm or 17mm, depending on where you measure (the rim has a flange that holds the tire bead, making the measurement smaller at the outer edge by 2mm). So I guess my real question is where do you measure the rim width? at the greatest width or the narrowest? This then leads me into the next question, Sheldon Brown's website has a chart that lists a 17mm rim as the smallest rim you "should" use with a 35mm tire, but he does acknowledge that it may be a little conservative. So can I just go ahead and order the tires anyway, even if it is only a 15mm rim?

BTW, I did do a search and found a post similar to this, but the respondents didn't seem to really know, which is why I ask. Also, anyone with experience with the tires, or fixed gear commuting in winter with advice, it is welcome.

Thanks much

fatbat 09-29-05 09:15 AM

The rims are probably ok- i mount 1.95" MTB tires on 19mm rims.

The bigger question is clearance for the tires- they're a bit bigger than most 35's, and may have clearance problems, especially with the front brake (which you need, fixed gear or not). Rubbing carbide studs is not what you want.

If the bike was built for 27" tires, then you're probably set to go.


Jackalope 09-29-05 12:13 PM

There seems to be a lot of room for the tires, I had to get kogswell brake calipers because they have ~62mm reach, so I imagine there should be no problems with that. Thanks for the advice, I guess I'm good to go

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