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g3ck0 10-04-05 11:01 AM

Are bikes cheaper during the winter?
Are the LBS likely to drop the prices for bikes during the coming cold winter months?

Portis 10-04-05 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by g3ck0
Are the LBS likely to drop the prices for bikes during the coming cold winter months?

That is a good question. Probably should have asked it in General Cycling or some other more heavily traffic forum. I only have one LBS in my city and haven't ever seen bike prices drop in the Winter. I am sure it depends on the shop.

Probably depends on how hungry they get.

Callaway 10-04-05 08:57 PM

Probably not, fall is likely the best time to get a reduced price b/c of new model years rolling out.

HiYoSilver 10-06-05 02:51 PM

Depends on the store and the year. This is a great year for bikes so expect bargains to be lighter. But usually after the announcement of the 2006 models, the 2005 models will drop in price. It all depends on what you need and what you will settle for. Often bike stores will offer financing incentive deals in the winter. We bought 2 bikes last year, one had slight sale, other was new model so no sale, however did get 0% financing on both. We could have gotten better deals on bikes in the store, but they didn't have exactly what we wanted, so bikes had to be shipped in.

An example of a current sale, is Performance. They stopped carrying Giant and have a bunch of 2005 FCR road bikes.

It doesn't hurt to ask the local bike store when they have their close outs and greatest sales. Make them squirm....

Jeprox 10-06-05 04:29 PM

I've seen significant price drops on bicycles year-round, but this is because that bicycle is in a size that's left. I got my 2003 Litespeed Arenberg w/ Ultegra 9 for US$1699 because it was the only one they had and it is in my size, 51cm.

Check this websites out:

You know there's more out there.

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