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Sigurdd50 10-27-05 11:34 AM

Tights: with or without chamois?
I'm thinking about getting some Tri-flex tights (maybe not top drawer, the price is nice) for my commute. I live in MAdison, Wi

I rekon this is a subjective question, but what is the concensusm about chamois in tights?
The price diff is like 10 bucks. Tight without would warrant wearing shorts underneath... I guess.
I only have a pair of nylon/lycra tights, good for cool weather -- no chamois.

thanks for any opinions.


MichaelW 10-27-05 11:54 AM

If you go for the "with" option, you will have to wash your tights after every ride. The "without" versions can be worn over bike shorts and you only wash the shorts.

sestivers 10-27-05 12:13 PM

Get the tights without the pad and just wear normal cycling shorts underneath. Besides what Michael said, this also allows you to use your tights for other things such as running, without having to look like a freak in a diaper.

caloso 10-27-05 12:15 PM

Without. What sestivers said.

DataJunkie 10-27-05 12:28 PM

Without. I use mine for jogging also.

Portis 10-27-05 01:20 PM

Without. The washing deal is the biggest. You will spend your entire winter standing in front of the washing machine. I like to wear my regular cycling shorts UNDER my tights. Also gives an extra layer of protection.

Sigurdd50 10-27-05 01:23 PM

let me see...

$10 cheaper
less time in the laundry

this is a no-brainer

thanks folks... for validating my decision

OB1 10-30-05 06:16 PM

I just purchased a pair of Triflex bibs with Chamois. Must admit the Performance Chamois is much more comfortable than the Nashbar bib tight chamois. One note, these fellows are cut tight. I usually order large for my bibs, these are the tightest fitting size large I've ever worn. You should consider upsizing if your going to wear shorts under your tights.

cristoff 10-31-05 07:08 AM


Originally Posted by halimec05
um. . .if you say so. :rolleyes:

I have 3 sets of winterweight tights and bike commute 4 or 5 days a week, I generally wear a polypropylene base layer underneath whether they have a chamois or not so the base layer does the absorbtion.

and some people actually wear tights under shorts that have a chamois, this is cost effective because you can use runner tights which are way cheaper than most bike specific stuff and not any different than wearing a base layer, my only rule is that the top layer is a bib so it keeps everything in place and under control.

Yes, that works. I wear a pair of dry-fit Nike tights under my old Garneau bike shorts with underwear on my commute to work [ 25 to 30 minutes ]. Comfortable to below 0 c.

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