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TR-X 10-28-05 03:00 PM

I have 2000 Rockhopper with 26" wheels and a Surly 1X1 fork.
Which fenders would work? And where would one get them?
I'm interested in the ones that set close to the tire for maximum coverage.

MichaelW 10-29-05 04:53 AM

SKS make chromoplastic full length fenders for 26" wheels, available from any decent mail order house and better bike shops. Sometimes the mounting hardware is not packed so be warned. Some of the hardware (esp the chainstay bridge clip) is better replaced by a hole and a zip-tie but otherwise it is very solid.

RonH 10-29-05 06:20 AM

Take a look at Planet Bike fenders.
They're available from Planet Bike (obviously), Nashbar, Perf, etc., and most bike shops.

michaelnel 10-29-05 07:03 AM

Don't forget to add an extension mudflap to the rear of the front fender. Without one, dirty slushy spray and water get all over your feet and your drivetrain.

The mudflaps on the Freddy fenders are just a cosmetic styling touch. They are too short to stop the spray off the front wheel.

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