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888 11-08-05 10:50 PM

Which one; water proof shoes or shoe covers?
I am seeking advice from experienced riders that have used both waterproof shoes and water proof shoe covers; those covers that are mentioned here on these forums like the ones you buy from Burley Co. I am planning to ride for a couple of days through varied geography and I know that I will be passing through micro climates since this area up here is known for this. I will be riding either in December or after. I have read various threads about covers. But if I could only pick one, which would you suggest? If I choose shoes over covers, I dont plan to buy specific bicycle shoes but just hiking shoes that have gortex; not heavy duty or technical hiking shoes since I wont be hiking rugged terrain. I already have some hiking shoes that arent technical and work fine for what I plan to ride with. I thought of just getting those waterproof covers that I read about on these threads and putting them over the shoes but what do you suggest? I cant spend too much since I have spent on other clothing and bicycle items. Mark

CBBaron 11-09-05 09:21 AM

If I was riding several days for any distance I would not want to for go my clipless shoes so given your choices a water proof shoe cover for my cycling shoes would be the way to go. Change into hiking boots if you want to hike. Shoe covers are a little more cumbersome and more diffcult to take on and off but they are much less expensive than a water proof cycling shoe.

Applehead57 11-09-05 09:23 AM

Yep, shoe covers.
Just think how nasty waterproof shoes would be after a sweaty ride.

Guest 11-09-05 06:38 PM

I would really want shoes that are breathable. If the waterproof shoes don't breathe, don't go for it. That would just feel a bit nasty at the end of a long ride.


pharnabazos 11-09-05 07:53 PM

I would also recommend shoe covers but add the following caveat: Based on my experience, your feet will probably still get wet to some extent. There's a hole in the bottom for the cleat where water can sneak in, and if they're neoprene then I've found the front seams let some water in in heavy rain.

fruitless 11-09-05 08:31 PM

There is really no such thing as a "waterproof" shoe, unless you start talking about a rubber boot of some sort. Waterproofing membranes in hiking shoes/boots generally seem to do more harm than good in my experience. Neoprene over-booties can be pretty effective for riding in wet weather for limited amounts of time and I don't see why they wouldn't work with any type of shoe that you might be using to ride in. This is the advantage of the over-shoe/bootie combination, it works better in more different conditions.

Bekologist 11-09-05 09:47 PM

I think most bike shoe booties won't fit over a midweight hiking shoe because of the differences in what the sole thickness/cushioning system in most hiking shoes. I haven't ever tried it, but i think you are out of luck there. I think that's what you are asking, Waterproof hiking shoes versus a hiking shoe with a bike shoe cover?

my advice? don't worry about it, keep your feet dry rotating 3 pairs of wool socks in whatever footwear you've got. Waterresistant as possible. If you have cycling shoes, by all means get booties, but neoprene toesies might be enough and would be nice to have along as well.

and why, why isn't there just one cycling shoe with a simple goretex bootie? I don't want neoprene lake moon boots, rather something like the winter jogging shoes you see on the market by montrail and solomon.

Juha 11-11-05 05:49 AM

In winter or cold rain I wear goretex hiking boots. To an extent they're both waterproof and breathable. I don't like to use clipless in winter: the cleat is a heat sink, and I want to be able to quickly put my foot down to prevent falling when it's slippery. But that may not be an issue in your case.


888 11-11-05 12:12 PM

Thanks guys for the info.. I dont know what neoprene toesies are so Im hoping I see a pic of them if anyone can show me the link to some website that shows this. But after talking to an experienced tourer who works for the LBS where I got my bike, I know I dont want a waterproof shoe. Still deciding on better shoes than my light hiking shoes. Gortex hiking boots might be the thing for me as the last repy suggests and maybe some covers as some of you suggest. I will keep Solomon and Montrail shoes in mind.

yespatterns 11-11-05 12:39 PM

I highly recommend the Montrail Susitnas. I just got a second pair on the cheap here:

I use them for wet weather biking with toe clips or platforms and three season trail/road runners.

888 11-11-05 02:31 PM

thanks vespatterns for that link. I will definitely save it when I decide which shoe or boot to buy and so far this looks like it. Only concern for me is that not all same size shoes are comfortable for me; sometimes a size bigger than my real foot size is more comfortable than my real size. I found that it depends on the shoe. If I could find the shoe you recommend at a store nearby, then I could try it before purchasing them. But I never purchased shoes online since I like to try before buying if possible. I was told by Matt the manager at my LBS to forget about buying waterproof shoes for various reasons including some I read from the replies to this thread. He said that I should bring extra socks and a light weight pair or two of shoes. But this shoe that you recommend is what I would like to get. Mark

888 11-17-05 02:00 PM

I got waterproof shoes which are not cycling shoes but they are very comfortable and light weight made by Columbia. Got them on sale and tried them out for a short 10 mile non-stop ride with some special kind of socks designed for wicking away moisture. Could not be happier with the decision. I will also take along other shoes although they're not thanks all of you for helping me out. Still thinking about getting the neoprene foot gear but maybe the suggestion by Bekologist to rotate through several pairs of wool socks will be it.

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