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fruitless 11-12-05 06:47 PM

Interesting contrast, it dropped about 20 degrees overnight and I wore the same stuff.

Patagonia capilene midweight long underwear
Patagonia capilene zip tee
PI amphib tights
Canari fleece jersey
goretex shell jacket
Nashbar lobster claw mitts w/polypro liners
Polypro socks
Lake MXZ300 boots
LG power cap + helmet with LG cover
Smith slider glasses

At +10 F I needed to open the pit zips on my shell after the first hill, feet and hands were fine, head and face no problem. At -10 F the body core is still fine, feet and legs are good, my fingers are getting a little cold after 30 minutes and I definitely have a cold head. Serious icing problems on the eyewear, I use contact lenses and I know from skiing that at subzero temperatures I get problems with my eyes tearing and then freezing so I need to cover them with something. Add another head layer and time to go to goggles I guess.

vrkelley 11-13-05 12:44 AM

Wow that's -10C? or -10F...Regardless, you must have great circulation to stay warm on those temps...either that or heavy cycling on the ascents.


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