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meaculpa 12-04-07 10:51 PM

Today was an experiment...

Pittsburgh both at 11am & at 8pm: 25 F. This is my 2nd winter 100% carfree commuting. I am trying to be a little smarter this year, we'll see.

head: a light Sugoi synthetic polysomething headcover, helmet, sunglasses
torso: 1. coolmax wicking shirt, 2. wicking longsleeve shirt, 3. light merino wool sweater, and 4. a heavier "fisherman's" wool sweater;
legs: knee warmers (P.Izumi) under REI rain pants;
hands: ragwool mittens over Fox Incline (ultralight) gloves
feet: wool socks, newish Lake mtb boots

NOTES: Ok, the experiment: Today was the first sub-30 F (sub 0 C) day here I think. I have this brand new winter (it blocks wind like a mother) riding jacket that I grabbed on sale (super-$$$, I got it for 65% off) but so far it makes me sweat way too much.
Okay, I thought, its not time to use this jacket yet.
I pulled on the two sweaters over the wicking stuff and I felt...fine. I know you know what I mean. Wool allows this cold air to penetrate to the point that I can feel it but, yet, I'm not uncomfortable.
Conclusion: I will keep the sweater combo going for now. I just recalled that this is how I did it last winter for the most part.
But on rides longer than a 10 mile commute? Also I expect this jacket will be more important for sub 10 degree w/ windchill days.

JasonC 12-06-07 09:01 AM

Today it was 3ºF, about 15 degrees colder than my previous coldest ride. I outdid myself a bit today, as I seem to stay warmer than a lot of other people…

Novara MTB shorts
Knee warmers
Cheapo sweatpants
Novara wind/rain pants
REI midweight long-sleeve base layer
Fox Velocity fleece long-sleeve jersey
Fox Stormvent wind breaker
Pearl Izumi balaclava
Headband (was afraid the thin balaclava wouldn’t keep my ears warm)
My usual glove layers: cycling + smartwool insulation + Trek Wind Shell
Neoprene shoe covers over my plain not-too-insulated athletic shoes

I was very warm, but my finger tips got a little cold. I think I need to take off the headband, and get some different winter pants, as I think the wind pants + sweat pants + knee warmers keep me too warm.

mopactanner 12-08-07 10:34 PM

Today it was @ 50ºF I went for my newer course 25 mile run and wore my schwinn short sleve Giordana with an tshirt under and fleece feet with an regular pair of socks regular bike shorts flece gloves helment with UV shades and Vans checks @ 1hr 40mins in moderate traffic with stop lights on an 7speed beach cruiser!

just_jeff 12-10-07 07:58 PM

I lasted two blocks and turned around in my shorts and long sleeve shirt. 44 degrees, but freakin Cold. Still wanted to ride, remembering that my mom gave me some 80's flashdance legwarmers to sell on EBAY. I was set, albeit funny looking, I rode the Las Vegas Strip. Oh yea, a wool hat also

mulchie 12-15-07 05:34 PM

16F here today. Decent wind.
Snow here and snow a'comin.

head: silk balaclava, helmet.
Neck: fleece turtle gaiter
Torso: silk long underwear. Cotton long-sleeved T. Wool Sweater. Illuminite wind jacket.
Legs: silk longjohns. summer khakis
Hands: silk glove liners. LLBean ski gloves
Feet: Silk socks. Wool socks. Baffin Vermont boots (rated to -4F and comfortable as slippers!)

I was completely snug. Not to hot. Not too cold. Only my forehead was uncomfortable.

joshandlauri 12-16-07 07:26 PM

35F, underarmour shirt, sweatshirt, jeans and longjohns, wools socks and gloves, balaclava

JSteiner 12-16-07 09:12 PM

19ºF, Snowing, Windy. 9 mile commute home from campus

Head: Winter snowboarding hat, headlamp
Torso: Craft baselayer, Nashbar long sleeve jersey, Gore Pac-Lite shell
Hands: Burton snowboarding mittens
Legs: Levi's, calves rolled up
Feet: Medium weight wool socks, regular casual sneakers

Notes: As usual, feet were quite cold at end of ride. As long as I kept a good pace, I was quite warm from the thighs up. The jacket was unzipped about 6" from the neck.

Warren Taylor 12-18-07 02:34 PM

Conditions: at 0800 on 12/18/2007 was -32.4 F and falling (Fairbanks, Alaska). Wind was out of east at 1 mph. Sunrise at 1055; sunset at 2:39 for a total of 3 hours and 43 minutes of daylight.

Today I wore:

Boots are size 10 (usually weat size 8.5) Salomon to accomodate at least three pair wool socks. Today, only wore two pair SmartWool socks; one thin, one thick pair.

Pants: Five layers. First two are poypro. Third layer is Sporthill X-C skiing pants. Fourth layer is Pearl Izumi biking pants of Polyester, spandex, wool and acrylic fibers. Fifth layer is Schoeller Dryskin (Nylon, Coolmax polyester and spandex)

Top: Four layers: first layer is thin Icebreaker wool. Second layer Patagonia capilene, third layer is Banan Republic half meriino wool, half camel hair sweater (wicks fantastic!) and outer shell is Patagonia nylon shelled with polypro pile insulation extra large jacket.

Head: Polypro balaclava, NoFog neoprene mask that diverts my breathing so as not to fog my lenses. Heavy wool hat on my head that barely fits in my helmet. Another sock type knit hat is stretched over my helmet for added insulation. Goggles are military issue, clear ballistic (Not really necessary) lenses.

Gloves: Three layers, thin polypro layer. Over that is a mid-weight wool glove, and then a pair of extra large gloves. Just put on my poagies on my handlebars this morning as temperatures have dropped below -30º F. for the first time this year.

NOTE: Not a square centimeter can be left uncovered. Frostbite happens in mere seconds in these temperatures, especially with the added chill factor of bike riding.

daredevil 12-18-07 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by Warren Taylor (Post 5831376)
NoFog neoprene mask

Got any info on that?

zippered 12-19-07 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by zippered (Post 5678108)
freezing rain all night with temperature dropping turning to snow in the morning = first winter commute of the season!

i'm riding a newly re-built hybrid that's been in storage. since i can keep my bike inside at work and home it has gears, versus the single speed with ksyriums i replaced it with. right now it has platform pedals, but i've become so accustomed to clipless that i want to switch them out.

6:45am/1:00pm (work sent us home early cuz of the "storm" :lol:) 0/-2C. a short 7.5kms round trip

head: new giro monza, fleece cycling cap, fleece bandana, clear lenses
torso: t-shirt, long-sleeved fleece zip-up, fleece vest, gortex cycling jacket
legs: jeans, gortex rain pants
feet: hiking boots, merino wool socks, dork straps
hands: unlined ski gloves (windstopper material) - going, MEC lobster gloves - return

update post "storm of the century" on sunday (although it feels especially petty following -32.4 degrees!):

i'm still riding with the platforms. i've adapted somewhat, and appreciated having them at moments when the snow makes things a bit squirrely. i guess i'll keep them til spring. however, this week i chose to use my kodiak winter boots, and i think i prefer them to hiking boots; there's no gap at the heel, and aren't as heavy and rigid. i have shoes stashed in my office at work.

i've been using my windstopper cycling jacket instead of the gortex rain jacket and it's been almost too warm, depending what layers i have underneath. not that i'm complaining. oh and just as i was leaving work the other day, a car sprayed a bunch of slush on me, so i was also very glad that i finally got around to buying some gortex pants.

vrkelley 12-21-07 02:34 PM

29F and black ice is some places. I crashed just 100' before making it to work. Ouch. I'm OK

Head: Boiled wool homemade hat, with ear extension, microfiber liner
Torso: Poly Pro long sleeve, Wool mid layer, Marmot ATV soft shell, Showers Pass jacket
Hands: Ski gloves
Legs: Pearl Izumi thermal tights (big mistake, needed at least 1 wool layer under that...or rain pants to block wind
Feet: Chemical warmers, Medium weight wool socks, poly pro ski sock

Checmical warmers over the arch did not work. Moved them closer to the toes and that worked. The rest of the ride was comfortable....but arrived with bright red thighs, very cold to the touch.

Strelnikov 01-02-08 12:38 AM

Today 38F

Head: Helmet, Sugoi skull cap with Pearl Izumi headband
Torso: Cannondale long-sleeve poly-pro top, Canari windbreaker jacket
Hands: Columbia Titanium Omni-Tech gloves
Legs: Novara padded boxers, Nike jogging pants (with zippers)
Feet: Wool/Poly blend socks, Dr. Martens suede narrow shoes (found at thrift store and they rock!)
Notes: While I stayed warm without rain, this is not a wet-weather setup. I am looking into a balaclava because the only thing that got cold after 10 minutes was my face. I will post again when I ride in a downpour.

mindaugas 01-03-08 10:29 AM

First winter ride!
Head: Helmet, Sugoi Balaclava, a snow hat I cut to fit under my helmet
Torso: Novara Express jacket, long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt
Legs: Novara Tempest Bike Tights, Padded shorts
Feet: Two pairs of socks, Schwinn shoes
Hands: Bjorne gloves (my hands were sweating)
Bike: Giant OCR3 stock except for some cheapo clip pedals

My feet were freezing, I definitely need to think about putting the clips back on or finding a way to cover my feet. Otherwise I was waaay too warm. Its going to be 50F in the afternoon, probably around 40-45 when I leave work at 4. I can't wait. I haven't been able to ride my bike outside for so long.

substructure 01-04-08 10:03 AM

18-19F 43 miles:

Skull Cap
Clear lens glasses
Cold Gear under shirt
Long sleeve jersey
Arm Warmers
P.I. wind breaker jacket
Team Kicker Bibs (fleeced)
Giordana Roubaix Windtex bib tights
Woolie Boolies
2 pair shoe covers
Ski gloves with Chemical warmers.

I actually brought my team vest (fleeced). But I left it at my mother's work place when I knew I didn't need it. And a pair of leg warmers too. I had them in my backpack just in case. But I was very comfortable. Rode like no one's business. :D

meaculpa 01-22-08 11:08 PM

Follow-up to my 12/4/07 post:
still riding w/ 2 sweaters over wicking layer down to 15F. (That doesn't include windchill temp, I have no idea.)
The only real change is I switched knee warmers to leg warmers b/c of slippage, the kneewarmers gradually fall down & become ankle warmers.
For my face, I am fine with a scarf.

HailStorm 01-29-08 08:15 PM

Tomorrow morning will be -27F, windchill of -48F.
Wool socks, cotton socks, Danner boots.
Spandex pants, long johns, possibly an addition of skiing warmup pants, and jeans.
Polypro shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt, wool sweatshirt, hi-viz jacket.
Thin gloves, with thick gloves.
Balaclava, hat, shooting glasses. And I know my left cheek will be freezing tomorrow morning, but I have no solution otherwise.
Granted, I am not that hard core, only going two miles.

Intheloonybin 01-30-08 06:16 PM

-15°F this morning with a -30 to-35 windchill. 10 Miles.

UA skull cap
Ski goggles
bird beak wrap for face/neck/up to helmet
UA wicking undershirt
2 long sleeve T-shirts
PI lobster gloves with a thin wicking liner
Craft wind break front/breathable rear jacket
3 pairs of long undies (wished for 4th here and there)
Wool socks
Lake winter boots (brand new!)
hand warmer on toes
covers over boots

Was very comfortable feet and hand wise. The tops of my thighs were cold here and there.

catherine96821 01-30-08 06:20 PM

I bow down
no more complaining

daredevil 01-30-08 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by Intheloonybin (Post 6080336)
The tops of my thighs were cold here and there.

Try some Sporthill tights of 3SP fabric. My legs are never a problem with these.

Intheloonybin 01-30-08 06:37 PM

Thanks daredevil I will write that down.

My budget now has to recover from the Lake boots first! It just recovered from the Nokian 294's.

And the next wishlist item is a better headlight. Tights can come after that. I'm due for some extra/new ones anyway.

Can you say "yay! tax money soon?" :D

ciras3 01-30-08 06:45 PM

Lake Michigan Shore in Wisconsin. -25 with the wind chill today. Was warm and worked up a sweat. Rode for about an hour. Maybe 10 miles. Could really feel the studded tires grip into the icy snow more than usual as it rained yesterday, then snowed, then the temp dropped 40 degrees and flash froze everything.

Under armor long sleeve shirt
Under armor pants
Long John pants and Long John long sleeve shirt
Hooded Sweat shirt
Sweat Pants
Specialized winter jacket
Parachute type warm up pants
Wigwam cycling socks
Winter type thick insulated socks (not sure of the brand)
Hiking Boots
Chemical hand warmers
Thin wick type gloves
Ice fishing mittens (with fold over mitten)
Biking Sun Glasses
Chap stick

daredevil 01-30-08 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by Intheloonybin (Post 6080486)
Thanks daredevil I will write that down.

My budget now has to recover from the Lake boots first! It just recovered from the Nokian 294's.

And the next wishlist item is a better headlight. Tights can come after that. I'm due for some extra/new ones anyway.

Can you say "yay! tax money soon?" :D

Believe me, I understand. Those Sporthill tights aren't cheap. Being prepared to ride year round takes cash. I found a pair on sale which helped. I need to spring for the Nokians next year. My cheap studs are toast after this year.

Intheloonybin 01-30-08 07:39 PM

I have been "dumping" my savings from biking over driving/parking into the necessary items.

With the boots, I am figuratively about even for now. The boots were funded by my state tax refund.

I have been really broke this fall/winter, so I spring for the items as they become necessary.

Watch for the Nokians on ebay if you are not in a hurry. They are great tires.

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the forum :o.

scoatw 02-02-08 03:09 PM

You'll find the Sporthill 3SP pants at Campmor for a good price. These pants are awesome. I wear them down to the teens before I have to add the thermals.

oldroadham 02-05-08 01:27 PM

today I am wearing: (BTW, I am not a PearlIzumi sales rep or anything, there is just an outlet nearby)

in order of assembly:
PearIzumi base layer top,
Pearlizumi ThermaFleece bib tights with chamois,
woolie socks with chemical toe warmers,
Voler Klondike weight base layer top,
PearlIzumi AmFib bib tights,
PearlIzumi Slice Kodiak light long sleeve jersey,
PearlIzumi InsulaTour jacket in day-glow yellow,
PearlIzumi Vagabond road shoe with Speedplay Zero cleat
PearlIzumi AmFib booties
Fleece Balaclava
Bell Sweep R helmet with J&R Cycling Apparel helmet cover
Kroops Classic goggle coated with FogTech anti-fog over glasses.
Vulpine biking lobster claw mittens (really nice for only $70 now)
Temp: 27F
wind: 9km/hr from the N(you figure out the mph!)
Distance: 35mi
Max speed: >50mph down hill
Time: approx: 2hr:20min
Comfort: Quite nice! I am wet at the end but never cold at this temp. Same stuff OK down to 22F so far!
Comments: This is the best winter cycling gear I have ever had in over 15 years of active cycling, including year-round daily commute in Central NJ. Thank goodness Mom sent a big check with an extra 0 for Christmas!

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