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riceman 02-06-08 08:12 AM

Temp: 5 degrees Celsius.
Thermal shoe covers, Thermal tights, Thermal gloves, Base-layer t-shirt
Long sleeve cycling jersey, Thermal fleece jacket, Wind breaker. Thermal Beanie

RiotBoi 02-07-08 06:11 PM

34 degrees with light breeze
neoprene covers, thin socks, medium socks
long underwear, long tights
2x long underwear, windjacket

Couldn't find my balaclava, my ears were quite cold.

scoatw 02-10-08 02:38 PM

My commute one way is 9 miles. With the temps in the 20's, I wear
HEAD; helmet cover, fleece head cover( WICKERS balaclava, Visorgogs
TORSO; ShowersPass rainjacket, SportHill Traveller jacket
LEGS; Workpants w/ leg warmers, aftn ride home- SportHill 3SP pants
HANDS; Mittens w/ glove liner
FEET; LL Bean Snow Sneakers w/ Performance toesties, Wool Hiking socks
In the teens I may double-up the gloves and socks. And switch to Fleece cycling pants w/ windblocker
In the single digits I break out the snowpants and add a fleece vest
I've recently added the fleece hat from Performance, which really made a difference.
Also, Cabela's has excellent cold weather gear at reasonable prices. Can you say Iditarod. A lot of the mushers outfit themselves with Cabela's.

Glynis27 02-10-08 06:31 PM

I got a Duofold Insulayer thermal shirt today at TJMax for $3! Inner layer is polyester. Outer layer is 45% merino wool/55% poly. Sounds like a steal for that price. I am in Ohio and they had several of them available if anyone is interested. Mostly size small, but fit more like a medium.

Cycleman1958 02-10-08 09:46 PM

not enough
not enough

Bob Ross 02-21-08 08:47 AM

20F this morning when I rode to work. I believe that's a personal low temp record! I wore:

polyester long sleeve base layer
long sleeve hooded jersey
fleece + WindPro winter cycling jacket
fleece-lined tights
cycling shorts
wool socks
sneakers (I had taken my Speedplays off the bike & packed them in my suitcase last night; at this time tomorrow I will be riding in >75 desert sun!)

I was perfectly comfortable for my 11 mile commute. Except for my face, which I nearly froze off. My breath was condensing so rapidly that my beard was covered with icicles after only 2 or 3 miles. (And I know I don't drool that much!)

Also, if I'd had to ride much further than 11 miles I think my toes would've been hurting.

Frunkin 03-03-08 06:22 PM

24 Degrees, 15-25 mph wind gusts with 10mph sustained winds.

Craft windproof boxers
Voler Knee warmers
Craft Curve Tights
Voler Bibs
Normal cotton socks
PI Amphib booties
Craft prowarm base L/S layer
Voler thermal jacket
Winter gloves

I was good for about an hour and a half, and my toes got pretty cold at about an hour ten. I'll wear wool socks next time.

vrkelley 03-25-08 02:03 PM

33F Frosty and Brisk
Distance 13.3 miles
Outer - Marmot ATV softshell, wool Zip sweater, Duofold polypro shirt
Legs - PI Thermafleece tights, and old PI thin tights (no pad)
Sock - Thin Wool cashmere, Ultimax poly pro sock liner, HOTTIES Chemical warmers
Glove - Red ski gloves
Helmet - Specialized, Microfiber liner, wool alpaca cap with ear extension
Shoe - Garnae waterproof boot

First successful commute below 35F ever without something freezing or overheating! Many thanks for Polypro and Chemical warmer tips. Machka this means you!

tool boy 03-26-08 09:33 PM

mid 30 deg F
Sunshine to work. Dark as ever riding home.
Distance 12 miles
Top - Smartwool t-shirt, Spot wool jersey with time worn "breathing" holes, flannel buttondown
Bottom - basic tights, Dockers knickers
Feet - Smartwool cycling socks, casual shoes, toe covers
Gloves - Louis Garneau something or other
Head - fleece headband, helmet

Toes were a little chilly this morning. I think it may have been in the upper 20's. Spring is almost here and I can hardly wait. Getting sick of putting on/taking off so many layers so often.

thockey1 08-25-08 07:28 PM

hi...just subscribing to thread...getting ready to plan for colder weather rides and need to figure out what to wear when! (arrggh and it's still August!).

pyeyo 09-03-08 09:09 AM

The first decision you need to make is when to start wearing tights. Keeping the knees covered and warm is the first thing you need to do in the fall and the last one in the spring. I will start wearing knicker length shorts at around 60 degrees F.

tstartrekdude 09-24-08 02:18 PM

left the house just after sun rise, 44 degrees F

under shirt, jersey, arm warmers, bibs.

nice ride, not hot and not cold.

Bob Ross 10-03-08 09:04 AM


Originally Posted by pyeyo (Post 7392325)
The first decision you need to make is when to start wearing tights.

That decision was made today; first day since May when I couldn't just throw on a short-sleeved jersey & shorts & be done!

51 F when I left this morning:

- sleeveless lightweight Pearl Izumi base layer
- long-sleeved lightweight jersey
- tights
- those dorky Andiamo padded briefs
- wool socks
- regular fingerless summer gloves

I'll probably be too hot on the way home.

pyeyo 10-07-08 08:23 PM

in a strange way ...
In a strange way temps around freezing seem the most difficult, maybe 30-40F. All I have to do is crack a sweat and boy do I get chilled. It's been in the high 40s in the morning.
Pearl Izumi kickers
darn tough wool socks
wool long sleeve jersey
nylon vest
helmet liner
thin long sleeve gloves
The ride home is always too warm but the afternoon is so nice I don't care, I just sweat a bucket.

Nycycle 10-07-08 09:16 PM

Thermal Tights,,,,,,and my Nashbar Jacket my daughter gave me for Christmas last year.
I also kept my Wal-Mart helmet with almost no vents, good for cooler temps.

pdx3340 10-09-08 02:37 AM

I leave the house in the afternoon (1 p.m. to 2 p.m.) so it's fairly warm then, but my commute home is 11 p.m. at the earliest . . . so I've got a variety of factors to deal with. I live in Portland, so the question is: is it rainy and warm(ish) or rainy and cold(ish)?
Today was lower 40s and dry when I left so:
Smartwool NTS longsleeve
Old beat up, but mended with love merino pullover from Target
Long athletic socks
Black Addidas shelltoes
North Face jeep hat

When I got off tonight it was just under 40, windy and dry, so:
Smartwool NTS longsleeve
Same Target merino pullover
Descente Velom jacket
Fox Incline gloves
Long athletic socks
Addidas shelltoes
North Face jeep hat

When it's rainy out I've got a Sierra Designs "Hurricane" parka and pant set that I'll bust out, but they don't breathe as well (because they're completely waterproof, see?) and they get me a little clammy.
You bet your a** they come out in those week long Portland drizzles though.

pyeyo 10-13-08 09:36 AM

So the toe covers came out yesterday, got to make a note to myself to clean some of this stuff before I put it away for the season.

jmio 10-20-08 08:14 AM

So I left this morning and it was 38, I don't have tights(yet). I wore a hoodie with under armour cold gear underneath and sweat pants. I was warm, but not aerodynamic at all, I felt like a parachute!!!! I live in Toledo Ohio and commute to Bowling Greeen, with horrible wind and extreme cold in winter. I think 30 and above will be my limit this year. My commute is 23 miles, so i'm not trying to die anytime soon. but my purpose for writing is to a.)subscribe to this forum and b) ask what everyone enjoys wearing in the winter. (30 and above) recommends 100 weight polartech power stretch. I like the price, but I really need some more convincing from the public to be pushed in that direction. If not those than what do people ride here in the winter. I'm originally from Texas, so yeah winter and I are not friends!!!!!

caloso 10-20-08 11:14 AM

49F/9C, dry and clear with a slight breeze from the south.

I wore a merino (SmartWool) baselayer, l/s jersey, knickers, and glove liners. The merino baselayer was overkill and I ended up zipping down my jersey halfway through. Otherwise, it was perfect. But if it gets any cooler, I might have to find my toe covers.

jpdesjar 10-20-08 11:32 AM

what are these toe covers you speak of, are they worn inside a shoe?

caloso 10-20-08 11:57 AM

No, on the outside. Mine are neoprene and there is a hole on the bottom for the cleat, they just slip over the toes and stay snug there.

You can get them at any bike shop or online store. Perfect for temps down to freezing.

jpdesjar 10-20-08 12:04 PM

thanks, i have been doing some searching for shoe covers or toe covers...i wear regular shoes on my commute so i was thinking about getting the full bootie and since there is a cut-out on the bottom some of my sneaker tread will be exposed...hmmm

GTALuigi 10-21-08 12:56 PM

first time this year, i had to actually pull out my face mask and use it.

it was fun :D

Softshell jacket + jeans + regular socks + waterproof shoes (it was raining/snowing) + face mask

and the usual bike gear gloves + helmet + stereo BT headset which also doubles as my ear warmer

Rodeo 10-21-08 01:16 PM

41F and clear, no wind. Toe booties, full finger gloves w/ liner. Wave cap under helmet. Tights w/ shorts over. Thermal L/S shirt + S/S jersey and thin windbreaker. Just right.

ignazioc 10-23-08 10:20 AM

I believe mid to high 30s; did my morning ride (20 miles).
toe booties, 2 pair or wool socks, long mid tights, 2 duofold layers, heavy jersey, wind jacket, balaclava, full finger gloves with liner.
my fingers were hurting so much i had to stop; my left foot was completely frozen till i got home.

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