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Winter Cycling Don't let snow and ice discourage you this winter. The key element to year-round cycling is proper attire! Check out this winter cycling forum to chat with other ice bike fanatics.

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Old 12-22-08, 08:07 AM   #351
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Temp: 1 deg (neg 20-30 windchill)

knee warmers under tights
cycling shorts over tights

Nike Pro Fit base layer, fleece, and Hincapie kevlar jacket over fleece

gor-tex socks & wool socks, hiking boots

marino gloves under ski gloves

helmet, balcalva, wool hat, ski goggles

40 mile "regular" commute/training ride. Googles kept fogging up. Other than that, I felt great and loved evey minute of it!!

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Old 12-22-08, 09:05 AM   #352
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Temp: 0F, -15-20 windchill, 15+mph headwind

poly/wool long johns
J&G Patrol Pants

poly/wool LS base
2 wool sweaters
J&G Yellowjacket

Polypro liner sock
winter smartwool socks
Answer Kashmir boots

polypro glove liners
snoboarding gloves

Grumpy Old Men hat
Smith Turbo goggles

Every car that passed me gave me a honk. 2 actually stopped and asked if I wanted a ride.
I was plenty warm...maybe too warm when fighting both the headwind and the inclines.
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Old 01-01-09, 05:44 PM   #353
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Sneakers, jeans, and a long sleeved T-shirt. Got a little warm (70F),and I had to stop and roll up the sleeves.
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Old 01-02-09, 10:58 PM   #354
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-20, some wind

Bike shorts, with Ibex guide pants over

Wool baselayer, wool sweater, light fleece, softshell jacket

Smartwool mountaineering socks, Lacross pac boots

thin polypro liner gloves, MEC Goretex/fleece-lined mitts

Wool hat, wool gaitor, helmet, oakleys

Most of me felt relatively ok. One problem was the gaitor wasn't high enough to cover mouth and cheeks, and my face was getting very cold, as was my forehead from the wind. Felt like I had to work a lot harder breathing in the cold air, and had to stop at one point cuz I started feeling faint! After a few minutes, that subsided, and I kept going, a little slower though!
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Old 01-09-09, 05:40 AM   #355
Waiting to commute...
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condition: -10 deg Celsuis, no wind, sunny. road bike ride

legs/feet: socks, knee warmers, long softshell fleece-lined bib tights, bib cycling shorts, neoprene gaiters

body: longsleeve "functional" undershirt, longsleeve cycling shirt, windproof light softshell for fall rides, windproof softshell fleece-lined cycling jacket

hands: chiba gloves dunno the name but they're darn warm

head: baclava and tube-type bonnet, sunglasses

all worked fine for about an hour's ride and would have for a couple more. only thing I would have added: windproof socks or toe warmers of some kind. toes got cold :s

ride on!
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Old 01-19-09, 03:51 PM   #356
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What I wore today

23F, wind 10MPH out of NW, cloudy conditions

10.5 miles (commute) in to work.

Craft wind front bib tights (my stock sub 30 wear)

Reebok base layer (like UnderArmour), light fleece jersey, wind/water repellent bright orange Performance jacket

Defeet woolybooli socks, Specialized MTB shoes, Performance neoprene booties

PI winter gloves (not lobsters)

Light balaclava, Nike woolish hat, Giro Pneumo lid, Nashbar shades with orange lenses

Wind at my back for half the ride. All good once my fingers warmed up.
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Old 01-26-09, 03:50 PM   #357
Riding to fill the void
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Conditions: 35 F, 8-10 mph wind, partly cloudy.

Ride: 20-mile training loop.

Legs: Performance Ultra Shorts, PI Thermafleece tights.

Torso: Defeet SS base layer, Defeet ArmSkins, SS Jersey, Voler thermal jacket

Feet: REI merino wool socks, Nashbar-branded Look road shoes, Bellwether Illuminite shoe covers

Hands: Bellwether WindTex golves.

Head: Generic cycling cap, Giro Monza lid, $5.00 flea market shades.

Me: Five feet, five inches, 132 pounds of climbing fury.

Result: Toasty warm most of the way. Toes got a bit cold at the end.
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Old 01-28-09, 08:36 PM   #358
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Today I Wore

Temp: 11*, Winds 5-10mph, Sunny

Windproof Tights, Cycling Shorts

Thin Polyester Base, Polypro Mid-layer, and Pearl Izumi Slice Jacket

Wool Socks, Nike Running Shoes

$15 Ice Fishing Gloves from Gander Mt

Helmet, Balaclava, Sun Glasses
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Old 02-04-09, 04:36 PM   #359
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Today I wore:


Krama (a very thin cotton scarf) wrapped around just under my nose underneath a stocking cap with my jacket hood on top


Long sleeve t-shirt under medium weight fleece jacket under hooded shell


Fleece tights and some windproof pants


wool sock and my regular boots under Neos overshoes.


Cheapie thinsulate gloves under my poagies


0 degrees with 5-10 mph headwind. Not too much ice left on the roads.


Cold enough to close my pit zips today.
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Old 02-04-09, 09:57 PM   #360
urban rider
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Conditions-extreme cold-5 degrees with wind chillfactor of 1 degrees?
Wore: Under Armour top and bottom, wool socks, heavy workman shoes, ski gloves and a short jacket with a fleec liner. Did not wear my sunglasses home. Oh yeah wore a face mask. Rode four miles home.

69. cents for gas
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Old 02-15-09, 06:50 PM   #361
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-0c to -10c

Face: Light cotton balaclava; helmet; and if its too windy or sunny, goggles.

Torso: Cotton undershirt (wear these everyday of the year, except when I use a rash guard); cotton t-shirt; wind breaker/rain jacket.

Legs: Some thermal merino wool tights; cotton shorts; wool leg warmers; wind breaker pants.

Feet: Just wool socks and shimano cycling shoes.

Hands: acrylic gloves with fleece lining.

Bellow -10 I usually use a thicker wool/cotton lined face mask, thicker gloves, and maybe a extra pair of shorts.
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Old 02-16-09, 11:57 AM   #362
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Last night about 5F, light breeze.

5 mile round trip to bar for pub quiz.

Torso: T-shirt, Wool sweater, Carhartt style jacket.
Face: Nada.
Head: Carhartt hat, helmet with vents taped up.
Legs: Flannel lined jeans.
Feet: Leather shoes, gym socks.
Hands: Waterproof mitts w/o liners.

Think I have finally acclimated to winter. Bundle up a bit when I'm not just running errands around town and actually spending more than 15 minutes on the bike at a time.
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Old 02-16-09, 12:18 PM   #363
You gonna eat that?
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Temp: Low 40s, light winds (~5 mph)


long sleeve wicking t-shirt, hoodie, windbreaker

1 pr socks, leather shoes

Mechanics gloves


Torso was a tad warm, but my ears were cold.
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Old 02-16-09, 01:40 PM   #364
Dangerous Dave
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shopping trip this afternoon at 55F:
Feet: Regular socks, trainers
Legs: Shorts (65% ploy, 35% cotton)
torso: thin polo shirt
I sweated under my back pack, which made me chilly when I took the thing off. My arms were cold, so a long sleeved shirt would have been better. I took off my jumper before heading out, because I thought I'd get too hot.
Rest of the day: Temperatures were varying between 43 and 52. I wore a hoodie over my shirt, and in the morning (43) I wore full finger gloves, in addition to the above. The hoodie was warm after a mile or so at 52 degrees.
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Old 02-19-09, 02:21 PM   #365
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my hooded sweat shirt, North Face Apex, hanes long johns, jeans, hat, gloves, goggles, scarf tube thing. Thermal socks. and Nikes. 5 mi ride. Also wore my 70's Schwinn beater.
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Old 02-21-09, 06:16 PM   #366
Fred Wannabe
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Thermal top, t-shirt, fleece and SHORTS!!! Finally.

it was 45-47 today, the downhills were a litle brisk but nice to be in shorts for a change....
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Old 03-09-09, 10:23 AM   #367
Bob Ross
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Guess I'd just be gloating if I listed what I wore on yesterday's ride
Gorgeous >65°F sunny windless day

I'll be back in layered fleece & booties for tomorrow's ride though.
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Old 03-21-09, 07:33 AM   #368
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15F, -6C. Very light breeze.


helmet w/ cover, ear band, and a neck warmer.


Too many layers, 1st layer LG thermal, 2nd poly long sleeve, Adidas golf short sleeve wind breaker, and a long sleeve Gortex jacket. Very warm indeed.


Winter tights with cycle shorts under.


Wool blend socks, poly liners, cycling shoes, and Gortex booties.


Down mitts with leather shell, (warm).

This is my first ride into work this year and I did over do it but I would rather strip off layers then freeze. For the trip home I have a lighter pair of lobster mitts. The weatherman predicts +5 C for my ride home.
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Old 04-27-09, 07:27 AM   #369
no motor?
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43 degrees, winds gusting 20 - 35 mph, with rain ranging from drizzle to downpour. It may be late April, but the weather made me feel like it was later winter or early spring. I'm not sure what the wind chill was, but it was bad enough to keep most everyone else in.

Bell Influx helmet and safety glasses.

Performance Illuminite jacket over 2 midweight baselayers and a Champion C9 shortsleeved shirt.

UA compression shorts and Novara tights.

Wool socks and the "water resistant" shoes my GF gave me this Christmas for riding in the wet.

Old ski gloves.

I rode through the coldest wetest weather I've ever rode in Saturday night, and got wet (except for under the jacket) but stayed warm and comfortable. The trip was only 5 miles, but it wasn't that bad since my gear helped me deal with the conditions.
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haha! what makes you to make some database like that? i don't know i just found it weird but actually it really helps a lot! thanks for that idea.
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Old 10-02-09, 10:39 AM   #371
All Bikes All The Time
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Normal team kit (shorts and jersey) as base layer
Pear Izumi amfib tight (wind barrier on leg)
Normal cycling socks
Pearl Izumi Toe warmers
Two long sleeve thermal jerseys (no wind barrier on torso today)
Bandanna over ears and head
Two pairs of $1 dime store stretchey gloves


1: Pretty happy with the torso (could have gone another 5-10 degrees before a wind barrier (today was an experiment as I usually am in my vest by now with fewer layers up top)
2: Legs were great, maybe even a bit too warm as they were slightly clamy when I peeled off the tight.
3: The Reaer of my ankle got cold being out of the tight and only covered by a single sock. May be time to move to warmer socks.
4: Toes were just fine (love the toe warmers with a good shoe)
5: Hands were suprisingly just fine but probably near the lower limit of the dime store glove method.
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Old 10-02-09, 11:06 AM   #372
Packfodding 3
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It was 54F this morning and I couldn't find one of my kneewarmers so I wore my knickers for the first time this season.

A little sweaty by the time I got to work, but I'd rather keep my knees too warm than too cold.
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Old 10-15-09, 02:45 PM   #373
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41 degrees with 15mph (cold) wind.

Starter brand long-sleeve spandex base layer
Louis Garneau long sleeve jersey (not very thick)
Performance wind vest
Performance short bibs
Adidas leg warmers
Acrylic socks (tucked into warmers)

No beanie or headgear (except helmet), regular cycling shoes, no gloves (forgot them). My hands weren't too cold, and the acrylic socks did a great job of keeping my feet dry and warm. I was listening to my iPod which protected my inner ear from the wind, and it was great. Face, head and ears weren't very cold.
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Old 10-15-09, 06:47 PM   #374
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conditions: 40degF, 0-10mph wind, consistent drizzling rain

ride: 8 hour courier day

head: thick cotton beanie, helmet

core: cotton beater, thin long sleeved T, short ski jacket (pit vents open)

hands: thin cut-off ride gloves, always a sweat bracelet to wipe nose!

legs: off brand under armour, canvas military fatigues sprayed several weeks and several rains ago with cheap waterproofing

feet: cotton ankle socks, mtb shoes

my toes and fingers went cold at a few moments of the day, particularly when standing waiting outside. everything was soaked, but i never felt the wet on my body, only feet and hands. it's hard to stay dry riding 3 inches from cars and semis all day! tomorrow it'll be the same weather, only a few degrees colder. i'll move to smartwool socks. and i'll carry warm gloves for non-riding times.
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Old 10-27-09, 10:42 AM   #375
Kid A
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47F This morning.

rag on my head under helmet, covering ears

One cotton t-shirt

Quilted flannel jacket left unbuttoned

swish pants

thin poly socks

regular tennis shoes

Very comfortable!
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