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chipcom 01-22-06 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by rebornroadster
Yup,That's me.Got a job and a bike.And a mortgage,three kids to feed,a couple of cats,a truck,a car.Who the hell has money for space age clothing?

You don't need space age clothing. Most of my wool has come from the thrift store for less than $5 a pop, my poly stuff comes from Target and even my cycling jacket was only $50 from J&G.

MudSplattered 01-22-06 10:06 PM

9 degrees today, add wind chill to that and it's a bit nippy out :eek:

However, I was nice and warm, thanks to my gear:
Just purchased a new jacket/shell from REI - Switchback. It is waterproof, wind proof and breathable. On sale, $120 off the original price!! WooHoo. I paid under $70 bucks, couldn't pass it up, but it's just the shell. That was my upper most layer. Had my Sporthill 3SP softshell under that, Mountain Hardwear shirt long sleeve shirt under that, then longsleeve tech shirt under that. May sound like a lot of layers but my upper body tends to get cold.

Lower body: Sporthill XC pants (sporthill is awesome stuff), long underwear, cycling short (like the padding). 1 pair wool socks and hiking boots.

Pogies/CliMitts kept my hands toasty, light Novara winter cycling gloves.
Mt. Hardwear balaclava - Had to cut air holes in it at the mouth, I just can't get enough air in otherwise and really don't want to pass out somewhere... :D Anyone else have that problem??

Last but not least - HELMET

With respect to the post up above about expensive space age clothing, This is the whole extent of my stuff. While I have some great brands, I got a lot of it off Ebay and never pay full price. There is no Target stores, just Walmart in this state and my little Walmart doesn't carry much appropriate gear, especially for women. I've never seen any polypro anything there.

cyclezealot 01-22-06 10:13 PM

On the coldest day this month, started before light. Well, it must have been below freezing because I saw frost on the back end of cars. ( Needed good light to look out for black ice.) Wore fleece lined bike tights, UnderArmour tee shirt.glove liner and winter gloves. Thermal lined bike underwear. I was pretty comfortable. Except could have used a backlava.
BUt, I think the most helpful was lycra shoe covers.

Bekologist 01-24-06 06:29 PM

Conditions in Seattle today: upper 40's, sunny at noon. Two hour bike ride. Cranking it fast on the road bike.

Wore: Windstopper beanie, helmet.

Torso:wool bike shorts, wool t shirt, wool jersey, safety vest.

Extremities: wool ankle socks. no shoe covers. crochet fingerless gloves.


Felt just like summer! comfy, still wearing the wool tshirt. (this morning, cooler and foggy, I had a wool sweater on instead of the jersey, and cotton trousers for some downtown riding/errands before the noon ride.)

Caspar_s 01-26-06 05:20 PM

Burlington, Ontario

-10C / 14F

Work pants, work t-shirt, fleece, jacket, leather gloves, wool tuque.

Forgot to check the temperature or I would have added my camo pants over my work pants. My legs were cold so I rode faster than I normally would, but not cold enough to go numb or anything.

When it gets below -20C / -4F I put on wind pants that have a cloth interior. I think I wore my fleece balaclava once last year - my wind pants once or twice. I think the main reason is my commute is only 5km 3 miles.

One trick I learned is that if your hands get cold and you're wearing gloves, take your pinky out of it's spot and curl it in your palm, and ride like that - a minute or two and your hands will be warm again.

Riding in winter on the cheap :-) Under armor? cycling tights? My jacket was given to me and is a Weathertec classic - probably Marks Work Warehouse? Not expensive anyway. Wear it in the rain and I don't get wet, although it gains a couple of pounds...

fruitless 01-26-06 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by chipcom
You don't need space age clothing.

I agree, dressing like a bag lady probably works dandy in north east ohio

vrkelley 01-26-06 11:57 PM

Head: Black vinyl waterproof liner + custom wool ski cap (both inside helmet),
Hands: Cross country ski gloves
Torso: Marmot ATV softshell, medium wt wool sweater, sport top
Legs: Col' lizard fleece leggings
Feet: Ultimax Wool socks, Gaerne Winter boot

Conditions: 41F misty, wet roads. TL Distance 9mi.
Comments: Rain pants would have been a good idea esp if the commute was longer.

eric von zipper 01-27-06 10:09 AM

Thought I'd share. The last two mornings have been the coldest it's been here in a long time: 25ish F. My commute is a little over 10 miles round trip.

Head: light weight Prana beanie/hat under my helmet. similar to this one:
Hot buttered sunglasses

Hands:Trek gloves

Torso:short sleeve shirt like this:
long sleeve/mid-weight Cannondale cycling jersey
Calvin Klein Jacket (yes, I know what you are thinking, but this thing keeps the heat in and the wind's amazing) sort of looks like this one but a little different 85% polyester, 15%nylon)

Legs: Jeans
Pearl Izumi Knee Warmers

Feet:Ankle high cotten socks
Sixsixone Launch Shoes. I love these shoes. Very walkable too.

cyclezealot 01-27-06 10:42 AM

With the wind chill factor. IT seems my coldest parts , difficult to keep warm are my feet. THick socks don't seem to do it. I find the best solution are my Peal Izumi shoe covers. Some kind of vinyl /lycra blend. Really keep your feet warm. But, I find unclipping. They wear thin way too fast. Maybe , neopreme would last longer.

lubes17319 01-28-06 06:05 PM

-50f & sunny today, no wind

-30 miles on rural/urban roads

*SIDI Dominators + SockGuy sox + Gore-Tex socks

*Bib shorts + Lee Jeans (38x34)

*sleeveless jersey + long-sleeved cotton DH jersey + Pearl Izumi gloves

*Hamas headband + Specialized Helmet

! Perfect get-up for today !

af895 01-28-06 07:07 PM

+40F (about +5C)
*beautiful* sunny blue sky here in Eastern Ontario, Canada! :D

Did a quick 6km jaunt around the neighborhood wearing...

Microfiber short sleeved polo shirt.
Long sleeved, fleece pull-over ($7 @ Salvation Army - like new!)
long sleeve, lightweight cotton jacket, unzipped

CK boxer-briefs
lightweight fleecy, uh, pajama pants
khaki cargo pants

"The Blaze" Defeet thermal socks
suede jungle moccassins

Lamar Snowboarding helmet with ear flaps

Nice and toasty - a pair of very light gloves - even leather driving gloves - would've been nice but I didn't get frostbike or anything.

only15 02-02-06 12:40 PM

I'm only fifteen and I'm a bit shy on wearing biking tights. What should I do to get over this "fear"?

gboy 02-02-06 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by only15
I'm only fifteen and I'm a bit shy on wearing biking tights. What should I do to get over this "fear"?

Ignore people. I've worn my bibs and shorts to college, and really no worries. Plus, you may get some positive attention ;).

244dewayne 02-06-06 06:33 PM

Should have rode sleeveless today as it was only 82.

vrkelley 02-14-06 10:32 PM

+38F snowy 9.6 miles.

Pull over wool sweater
Wool zip sweater
Marmot ATV Soft Shell
Serius Ski gloves (light wt)

Showers Pass rain pants

Wool socks
Garmae Winter boot

Wool cap with ear flaps, neck gaiter

Nice ride.

kleng 05-07-06 06:56 PM


Rode three hours in the rain (9 degrees celsius) yesterday down here in oz, its was misty as well so I had to contended with extra water from condensation when it wasn't raining as well. Here's my outfit which allows me to ride in the rain.

Jagged monsoon jacket, the best waterproof lightweight jacket money can buy.

Ground effect daddy long leg tights with windfoil knees and calves protection, under the bib shorts.

Seal skinz socks to keep the feet dry and warm (hate the feeling of the bulky booties), shoes get wet though||[email protected][email protected]|0|user|1,0,0,1|19|

Finishline pro-bike detailer is great protection for the bike, no dirt sticks, its just and easy wipe down when I get back, also don't forget to drain the tires.

and off we go into the thunderstorm, I much prefer the rain to a home trainer.

vrkelley 10-04-06 09:46 PM

47F fog 30 miles.

Wool zip sweater
Marmot ATV Soft Shell
Lamb skin gloves

Pearl Izumi ThermaFleece tights

microfiber sock
Northwave waterproof shoe

Wool cap, neck gaiter

Awesome fall colors. Shed the shell after first 7miles. The wool sweater did not dry while hanging in the locker...9hrs later wore it home. Mental note to self: Spread wool on a hanger rather than from a hook.

Portis 10-12-06 09:20 AM

Well, time to make my first entry for the season. Not winter here yet but getting a small taste. This morning's ride was 42F with a brisk North wind. Road two hours over rural gravel roads, distance of about 28 miles.

It's funny how it takes awhile to acclimate to the cold. This temp was very mild but felt worse because it is eary in the season and my body is still used to the warm weather. What i wore today, i likely wouldn't wear in March at this same temp.

Today I wore:


Helmet, Ear band.


Performance Winter Cycling Jersey, Lightweight unlined nylon vest, Pearl Izumi Zephyr Jacket


Leg warmers, Cycling shorts.

Defeet midweight Merino Wool socks. Shoes were Shimano high tops.


Midweight gloves from Walmart. (Mechanic's Gloves.)


42 F, North wind 10-15 mph. Started out in the dark. After sunrise sky was clear. Rode 2 hours. 28 miles
Took jacket off during ride over hills as I was heating up. When I turned back North the wind was too much for my arms, so i removed the vest and put jacket on.

Seems like i had to wear more than usual for this temp, but it is early in the season.

wheel 10-13-06 01:04 AM

Today I wore
Helmet, cap
light seater zipped down
Shorts, long underwear, boxers
65 F, . Started out in the dark. 6 miles

Start watching the temps. Bring gear. I have not worn a jacket like in 5 months

noisebeam 10-13-06 08:59 AM

Today I wore...
Head: Helmet
Torso: Alert Shirt ANSI Lime/Yellow T-Shirt
Legs: Black bike shorts
Feet: SPD Sandals, no socks
Hands: Fingerless bike gloves

Conditions: 40%RH, 63F, overcast @6:30am (pre-sunrise)
Distance: 8.5mi


ryanparrish 10-13-06 09:14 AM

Currently From the Land of Ice and Snow.

Long Sleeve T-shirt
Sweat Shirt
and Rain Coat
Bike Shorts
and my busted up tevas with no socks
kneww warmers would have been nice

chipcom 10-13-06 10:37 AM

First freeze (32F) of the year...I hate em.
Distance - 13 miles

Feet - 2 pair Smartwool socks, Shimano sandals
Legs - boxer-briefs, J&G Patrol Pants
Torso - long-sleeve merino wool base layer, long-sleeve alert shirt, J&G wind jacket
Hands - Gore Windstopper full fingered gloves
Head - wool tanker's cap, my usual yellow shooting glasses with take-a-look mirror

Portis 10-13-06 11:32 AM

Today I wore:


Helmet, Balaclava.


Performance Midweight Winter Cycling Jersey, , Pearl Izumi Zephyr Jacket


Lightweight tights. Cycling shorts.

LIght cycling socks + heavy wool socks. Shoes were Shimano high tops.


Thinsulate coveritble mittens with lightweight fleece gloves underneath.


35 F, No Wind. Started out in the dark. After sunrise sky was clear. Rode 1 hours. 36 minutes. 22 miles
Heated up quickly. Midweight jersey gets warm as usual. Took jacket off 2 miles into ride and replaced it with unlined vest. Yesterday i had a hard time getting warm at first and temp was 45F. Today was ten degrees colder but I was hot early, and i only changed a few articles of clothing between yesterday and today.

No wind, balaclava, heavier gloves and heavier jersey made the difference.

Interesting that it only took approx. 6 more minutes than normal for this route when comparing with Summer. With the cold and all the gear, that was the only time difference.

urban rider 10-13-06 02:50 PM

Yesterday it snowed! It is only the second week in October for goodness sake! I woke up at 4 am this morning worried about what I would wear. I have not ridden all week and I needed to ride. I did not turn on the local news station because they hype everything including the news. I put on the following items

Head: Polor face mask and helmet

Turleneck top and fleece jacket

Hands: gloves

legs: ski pants

feet: thick wool socks

My hands and toes got a little chilly. I will have to see what I can do about that. It was only 35 degrees outside. I have ridden in colder weather so I guess it is the transition from hot to cold weather.

Gas, the price of a can of beans

icedmocha 10-15-06 06:36 AM

33 degrees F

white t shirt

Leg Warmers
Home made corduroy knickers

Ski gloves
bike socks
shimano clipless shoes
wool beanie (shoulda worn balaclava)

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