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noisebeam 10-16-06 08:59 AM

Today I wore...
Head: Helmet
Torso: Alert Shirt ANSI Lime/Yellow T-Shirt
Legs: Black bike shorts
Feet: SPD Sandals with lightweight synthetic cycling socks
Hands: Fingerless bike gloves

Conditions: 62%RH, 54F, clear @6:40am (sunrise)
Distance: 8.5mi


wheel 10-19-06 09:04 PM

A different view
Today I wore...
Head: Helmet a tube for neck and ears.
Hands gloves mismatched LOL
Torso: Zipp up sweater, shirt and Ansi 2 vest mesh.
Legs: shorts over flannal hi visibility pants
Feet: running shoes and socks

Conditions: 16%H 64F, clear 2100Hrs last night
Distance: 13mi

Notes a lot of evaporating cooling on route, windchill aprox. 58F

"NB" that is crazy,

JodieMac 10-19-06 09:17 PM

Today I wore:
Conditions: 37 degrees, very light breeze

Under Armour cold gear head cover, adidas shirt hood, Eddie Bauer heavy sweatshirt hood, sunglasses (I was bad and didn't wear my helmet)
Under Armour cold gear shirt, t-shirt, adidas exercise hoodie, Eddie Bauer heavy sweatshirt
Under Armour cold gear tights, Adidas exercise capris, jean shorts
Cotton socks, Simple Brand tennis shoes
Wool gloves and biking gloves

I was VERY comfy except for my feet. They were chilly. I ordered some Under Armour cold gear socks today to take care of the problem. I rode 11 miles. It took a little over an hour so I wasn't busting my butt or anything!

EJ123 10-19-06 09:47 PM

48, light breeze
abercrombie shorts
some thin underarmour thing
oakley shirt
brown leather belt
no socks and tennis shoes

what a nice day

wethepeople 10-19-06 10:41 PM

4*C this morning, light drizzle.

I wore:
Black wife beater.
Levi 501's.
The Shadow Conspiracy hat.
Etneis Shock skate shoes, black bum socks.

Hey, I missed the bus and didnt want to be late so I just hopped onto my bike without thinking :p.

noisebeam 10-20-06 09:56 AM

Today I wore...
Head: Helmet
Torso: Alert Shirt ANSI Lime/Yellow T-Shirt
Legs: Black cycling shorts
Feet: SPD Sandals with two pairs lightweight synthetic cycling socks
Hands: Fingerless bike gloves

Conditions: 46%RH, 49.3F, clear @6:40am (pre-sunrise)
Distance: 8.5mi


legot73 10-20-06 10:43 AM

37 degrees F, dewpoint 30, 5mph headwind

fleece earband

REI MTS zip neck base layer
nylon windbreaker w/ vents
100 weight fleece gloves

100 weight fleece pants (a little warm for today)

SmartWool hiking socks
Lake clipless shoes
Gator neoprene booties (switching to Lake winter shoes on Monday)

fingers were a little chilly, could have added SmartWool liner gloves or just used windproof gloves. Generated a lot more heat today than usual, suspect its due to sitting in a smokey bar last night, less o2 in my blood. Felt a chill on my scalp, time for a beanie or helmet cover.

here and there 10-20-06 08:21 PM

Conditions: 54 degrees at the start before sunrise, 60 degrees an hour later when my ride ended. Light North/Northeast wind, clear as a bell and dry as a bone.

Head: Headsweats midcap, helmet.
Torso: long sleeve compression type shirt from wally mart, lime green alert shirt, illuminite vest.
Legs: compression shorts + loose shorts on top, knee warmers.
Feet: Defeet aereator wool socks, Vans sneakers.
Hands: Polypro glove liners.

Notes: I got warm fast on this ride and had I been planning on riding longer I would have brought along short-fingered gloves and my usual headsweats skullcap to change into when it got too warm. Armwarmers probably would have been a better idea than the long sleeves as well.

legot73 10-23-06 07:13 AM

36 F, dewpoint 25, 10-20 mph headwind, 11 miles

light balaclava

REI MTS zip neck base layer
REI Mistral II jacket + reflective safety vest (Home Depot)
Manzella windproof lobster mits

100 weight fleece tights

SmartWool hiking socks
Lake MXZ301 boots

quite possibly the perfect dress for the morning. Felt a little stinging cold on the front of my skull from the helmet vents, but didn't notice it after 3+ miles. A helmet cover will be a daily item soon. Really impressed with the Lake boots and Mistral II jacket. Both breathe better than the bootie/nylon jacket combo, and were more consistently comfortable.

legot73 10-24-06 07:47 AM

31 F, dewpoint 26, 9 mph headwind, 11 miles

light balaclava

REI MTS zip neck mid layer
REI Mistral II jacket + reflective safety vest (Home Depot)
SmartWool liner gloves + Manzella windproof lobster mits

100 weight fleece tights

SmartWool hiking socks
Lake MXZ301 boots

wore an older Bell Solar helmet today that has fewer, smaller vents. Skull didn't get the stinging cold as bad, but had milder wind conditions. Eyes are getting dry from cold wind, so ski or motorcycle goggles are on the short list.

sptsgoddess 10-24-06 12:33 PM

47 degrees, dry and sunny
Helmet with bandanna underneath
Zip neck mid layer with a Nike dri-fit tank underneath
Tights over bike shorts and socks
Gloves, but busted out of those about halfway through the ride

DataJunkie 10-24-06 01:25 PM

40 with 15-20 mph cross or headwinds.
Head: helmet and skull cap
Torso: Champion mid weight poly longjohn top and PI jersey.
Hands: full finger lightweight gloves
Legs: Performance tights with voler bib shorts
Feet: wool socks and cycling shoes.

Arms were slightly cool. Head and torso perfect. Legs slightly warm. Feet froze after 1 hr.

legot73 10-25-06 07:18 AM

28 F, dewpoint 23, no wind, 11 miles

light balaclava, earband

REI MTS zip neck mid layer
REI Mistral II jacket + reflective safety vest (Home Depot)
SmartWool liner gloves + Manzella windproof lobster mits

100 weight fleece tights

SmartWool hiking socks
Lake MXZ301 boots

so far, so good.

chipcom 10-25-06 07:28 AM

Mid 30s, light mist, NW wind around 10mph, 13 miles.

Feet: I left the sandals at home and tried out my new Answer boots today. With just a single pair of my midweight smartwool socks, my feet were plenty dry and warm. Had a bit more room to wiggle my toes compared to sandals with socks and sealskinz.

Legs: J&G Patrol Pants
Torso: polyrpo base, merino wool sweater, J&G wind jacket - pit zips open about 3/4
hands: Gore windstopper gloves
head: wool brimmed watch cap

This combo won't change much until we start getting below the mid 20s

Varroa 10-27-06 12:50 PM

Today I wore: (2 degrees celcius, clear skies)

Head: MEC Powerdry skull cap under Gyro XC helmet
Torso: Somo Athletics 1/3 zip Coolmax longsleeved Shirt under MEC lite weight polyester shell
Legs: MEC Chamios under nylon tights and nylon shorts
Feet: Chlorofibre socks (Blue Johns) under MTB shoes and neoprene toe booties (the ones that only cover your toes)
Gloves: Polypropylene glove liners under full finger MTB gloves.

Commute: 16km/10miles each way

Toasty warm the entire trip.

noisebeam 10-27-06 01:02 PM

Yesterday evening I wore:

Head: Helmet
Torso: Lightweight cycling jersey
Legs: Cycling shorts
Feet: SPD Sandals, no socks
Hands: Fingerless bike gloves
Face: A big smile

Conditions: 72-68F, clear, light breeze, 7-10pm (dark)
Distance: 54.6mi

(sorry folks, just had to rub it in - the weather is perfect now!)


legot73 10-27-06 02:42 PM

Its been back in the 40's here the past few days (not really winter), but I have been wearing my same gear to test the upper comfort range. Although I've been ok in the past with a base + light nylon jacket, I'm happy to say that the softshell fabric jacket hits a sweeter spot than either a windbreaker or rain jacket. I rode in 45F light rain yesterday and stayed dry from both sweat and rain. So far, my recently reported gear is equally comfortable from 26F to 46F, with minor hand and head wear adjustments

Gotta love that.

vrkelley 10-31-06 11:54 AM

Conditions: 28F, Clear

Head: Helmet, wool cap, gaitor
Hands: Leather lambskin gloves
Torso: Thin base wool tank, duofold long sleeve, Eddie Bauer wool zip, Marmot ATV softshell
Legs: PI Thermal fleece w/pad
Feet: Gaerne winter boot and wool socks

Notes Frost on gaitor at the end of the ride. Warm on whole body even a speeds of 19mph over several miles. Hands took too long to warm up. Will add home-made vinyl liner to block helmet vents and heavier gloves.

TRACKMAN 10-31-06 12:15 PM

1 Attachment(s)
morning temp 45 degrees: Currently 79 degrees, partly cloudy

ryanparrish 10-31-06 04:49 PM

41 degrees winds WNW of 10 mph so I wore today

Performance Mt Ventoux Jersey
10k above sealevel longsleeve shirt
PI baggy shorts
Cottin Knit gloves over auclair cycling gloves

Wind Stopping vest
Knee warmers
Better shoes
and I wish I had some socks

Portis 10-31-06 04:58 PM

Today I wore:


Helmet, Ear band, Lightweight Balaclava


Performance Winter Cycling Jersey, Performance Gore Tex Cycling jacket later switched to Pearl Izumi Zephyr.


Nashbar Epic Cycling shorts, Foxwear Powershield tights.


Lightweight cycling socks with heavy wool socks over the top.


New Glacier Glove Convertible glove-mittens. Lightweight glove liners underneath.


30 F, North wind 15-20 mph. Notes:
Removed gore tex jacket about 5 miles in, too hot. Switched to Pearl Izumi. New Glacier Glove flip mitts are HOT. These gloves are going to be very nice for COLD temps.

jk__74 11-01-06 09:06 PM

28 F, no wind, 10 miles

Helmet, Performance Bike Windproof Balaclava, sunglasses

Pearl Izumi liners and Zephyr Shell gloves

New Balance running tights, padded cycling shorts and a midweight C9 (Target) baselayer pant

Smartwool hiking socks and Merrell Reactor Multisport shoes

C9 DuoDry midweight top, Nike thermafit thin fleece pullover and Novara wind/rain proof cycling jacket

Whew! No wonder it takes me an extra 5 minutes in the morning lately ...

Notes: I knew I would be hot in the torso, but I wanted to see if the C9 top wicked. Seemed to - but I think my compression fit tops wick better. Admittedly, it might have performed better without the Nike layer above it (still trying to perfect my layering). The windproof balaclava is toasty but very warm - might need to reserve this piece for really cold days, as my skull cap and earband would've probably sufficed. Everything else was great - my hands, legs and feet were warm and dry the entire time - the Pearl Izumi glove combo rocks.

msliam 11-02-06 08:49 AM

25F, wind 10-15 mph from the west-northwest (I go towards the northwest), partly cloudy. A couple odd snowflakes. I wore:

Marmot fleece mid-layer jacket and a thin wool sweater over a capilene undershirt. I think I would have been better off without the sweater, it seemed to be holding sweat. I really need to get an actual windbreaker.

Jeans. Next time I'm wearing capilene longies.

Knee-high socks and boots - fine.

I lost my usual gloves and pulled out these thick cross-country skiing gloves - they were overkill.

Thin cotton hat, helmet, scarf.

noisebeam 11-02-06 08:51 AM

Today I wore...
Head: Helmet
Torso: Alert Shirt ANSI Lime/Yellow T-Shirt
Legs: Black bike shorts
Feet: SPD Sandals with smartwool cycling socks
Hands: Fingerless bike gloves

Conditions: 50%RH, 46F, clear @6:30am (pre-sunrise)
Distance: 8.5mi


dmac 11-02-06 10:10 AM

29F, little to no wind, 5 mile

Head:Old Navy Cap under helmet
Torso: Cotton sleeveless shirt, Canari Vortex Winter Jersey, Nashbar Crossroad jacket(Had to remove, too hot. Even with front open, I could feel the steam building inside.)
Legs: Canari Tights, Old Army 50/50 wool/cotton long underwear, sweat pants(Long underwear + tights + SP's was too warm a combo. Could've been fine with shorts + LU + SP's or Tights + SP's)
Feet:Coleman Merino wool socks(K-mart), Lake MX101 shoes.(Toes got slightly cold)
Hands: Hunter orange thermax gloves that I have had for years(Hands stay real toasty).

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