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Portis 11-16-05 03:10 PM

To compliment the "winter clothing guide" sticky I thought it would be good to build a "database" thread that simply says, I wore X today at Y temperature. It might also be good to note sky and wind conditions as well as duration of ride.

This would be a very handy reference for beginners as well as veterans. Please keep your replies strictly to the requested information. Simply reply with what you wore, and what the conditions were. DO NOT insert other rhetoric about your ride today, or your new tires, or lights or any of that jazz. This is simply what you wore in what conditions.

Today I wore:


Helmet, Ear band, Lightweight Balaclava


Performance Winter Cycling Jersey, Lightweight unlined vest, Performance Gore Tex Cycling jacket.


Nashbar Epic Cycling shorts, Foxwear Powershield tights.


Defeet midweight Merino Wool socks, Heavy pair of wool socks from Walmart.
For shoes I wore a pair of size 12 Wolverine, Thinsulate hiking boots. (I normally wear a size 11. Bigger sizes allow for warmer feet.)


LIghtweight fleece gloves from Target, Heavy weight Thinsulate convertible mittens from Walmart.


22 F, North wind 10 mph. Started out in the dark. After sunrise sky was clear. Rode 1 hour 32 minutes. (20 miles)

Removed vest 3 miles into ride. Too hot.

Ritehsedad 11-16-05 05:55 PM

Head: Balaclave & jacket hood.

Torso: Long sheeve polyester shirt, Starter short sleeve polyester shirt, sweatshirt, Target windbreaker

Legs: polypro longjohns & rain pants & MY biking shorts (actually swim trunks from Target - works great for my commute. No, not a speedo.)

Feet: Wool socks, hiking boots, rubber booties

Hands: thin base liner (material unkn.), polypro liner, leather gloves

Conditions: 35 F, winds unkn, dark & misty. Commute to work, 8 miles.

On the way home I wore the long sleeve shirt, wind breaker & shorts (no, I said its not a speedo!). Ditched the leather gloves (forgot my regular full finger biking gloves so I wore the two liners), socks & shoes.

57 F & dark.

By the way, I find a big difference between using my fleece (turtle fur) balaclava with and without the hood of the windbreaker.

Matt Gaunt 11-16-05 06:03 PM

Today, I wore:
- Thermal tights
- Thermal gloves
- Wicking base-layer t-shirt
- Thermal fleece jacket

Temp. recorded by bike comp: 6 degrees Celsius.

Walkafire 11-16-05 06:34 PM

Today I wore:


Bell Metro Helmet with Winter insert and Ear muffs, Pearl Izumi Balaclava


Short Sleeved Jersey, Moisture wick Sweatshirt, Marmott lightweight Jacket, Performance Illumilite Jacket.


UnderArmour "Long" Compression shorts, Performance Triflex Bibs.


Columbia Wool socks, Lake MXZ301 Winter Boots


Gore windstopper gloves and medium weight surgical gloves. (Never again!)
Bout froze my fingers off! Went right down to REI and bought a pair of PI Lobster Gloves!


11 degrees (F) (( thats -11.66 (C) )), wind 5 mph. Dark and Clear. Bright Moon! Rode 45minutes. (10 miles)

Rode some of the way no hands, tried to put hands under pits for warmth. (didn't work)
fingers were burning from COLD!
Ride home tonight will be much better! Should be about 20 degrees (F) NEW GLOVES!
Rest of body was very comfortable.

carless 11-17-05 12:04 AM

Today I wore:


Adventure Cycling tshirt "SUB- Sports Utlility Bike"


Timberland Shorts, Commando


Teva sandals


72 F, wind negligable. Started out at 9am for the waffle house 3.99 ham and eggs. Rode >1 mile, food was hot and I had a cup of coffee.

Hey wait a minute what forum is this?

shaq-d 11-17-05 03:01 AM

conditions first:


32-36F, 0-3C. 10km fast commute


helmet, light balaclava


long sleeved winter jersey, thin windproof vest, thin windproof/waterproof shell


roubaix bib tights (bib tights are a necessity; pants and normal tights fall off my ass!)


wool blend work socks, cycling shoes, and neoprene booties


high quality ski gloves

CBBaron 11-17-05 09:14 AM

Conditions 22F windy and dry
I wore
head: wool cap and helmet
hands: WindPro gloves
torso: coolmax long sleeve tshirt and LandsEnd softshell jacket
legs: Triflex tights
feet: Lake MX101 MTB shoes, water proof socks over wool socks (I also put duct tape over the toes of the shoes)

Everything was warm expect the feet. I need to wear my road shoes and booties below 30, however I thought it was only going to be 28F when I left the house and not 22F.


DataJunkie 11-17-05 10:51 AM

20F-25F Temps and wind vary greatly during my 35 miles.

2.75 hrs. I'm coming off a cold and took a significantly longer time.

Started with a midweight performance Balaclava. Replaced with a novara skull cap 1 hr into the commute

Nike pro fit base layer
Mid weight sweater
Old nike windbreaker. New jacket is on order

Started with cheap pair of ski gloves.
Changed to Novaro thin full fingered gloves

Lower half
Performance elite cycling shorts.
Midweight tights of a brand I can not remember
Nike jogging pants

Tennis shoes. Clipless is a future upgrade.
Wool socks.

Machka 11-18-05 12:27 AM

Today I wore:


10C/50F, South wind light. Started out in day, but the sun started to set, and it got cooler. Rode 1 hour. (20 kms)

Helmet, Headband

Sleeveless jersey, long-sleeved jersey, lined winter jacket.

MEC shorts, Illumilite tights.

Thermal socks, Lake mtn bike shoes.

LIghtweight lined, waterproof gloves.


fruitless 11-18-05 03:22 AM

Tonight I wore:


8F/-13C, light wind, intermittant snow

Helmet w/cover, LG power cap, fleece tubey-thing

rei mts midweight synthetic LS T-neck, canari fleece jersey, arcteryx sidewinder goretex shell

patagonia capilene long underwear, performance triflex bib tights

thermal socks, Lake MXZ300s.

rei synthetic shell gloves w/thin fleece liners.


Erick L 11-18-05 10:48 PM


Morning going home (night shift): -6C, scattered clouds and snow showers, 19km/h wind.
Night to work: -6C, sky clear, calm wind.

Today I wore:


Helmet, fleece hat with ear-flaps, glasses.


Thin polypro turtle neck, Polartec 100 fleece, rain jacket with pit-zip closed


Shorts and tights.
Night: added thin polypro long underwear.


Thick polypro socks, ragged wool socks, nylon shoe covers (no insulation).


Thin polypro gloves, wind resistant fleece gloves


Morning: cold toes after ~40 minutes. I have a cold.
Night: Warm toes, cold butt after ~40 minutes.

Bekologist 11-18-05 11:31 PM

okay, i'll toss in.

black ice warning in the morning, so I waited till later until 41f foggy with a little sun in the afternoon up to maybe 43-45. Out for a 3 hour ride on a big urban loop.

Head - windstopper N2S skullcap, helmet

torso- wool short sleeve full zip jersey over a wool long sleeve t-shirt. Dryskin jacket on top for the first 20 minutes, then ditched it to the saddlebag.

legs- Calvin Klein wicking boxer briefs, cropped Dryskin knickers

feet- smartwool ankle socks, summer mountain shoes, Pearl Izumi tosies for the first 20 minutes then off to the bag

hands- unlined cowhide work gloves, well oiled

notes: Stupid! I only wore 2 thin wool layers yesterday, didn't really need the jacket but it's always cold right when you leave the house

comments: Mountain Hardware windstopper next2skin beanie best helmet liner, guaranteed. Love these so much for every outdoor activity (used one for the last 4-5 years I guess..) I bought 2 extra for a total of three in case they stop making them

Rich vSB 11-19-05 12:01 AM

Conditions: 28F with a slight breeze, 12 mile commute

Head: Underarmor skull cap, Swix earmuffs, Helmet

Torso: Smartwool lightweight long sleeve crew, Burley Rock Point Jacket

Legs: Pearl Izumi Microsensor 3D Shorts, Sporthill XC pants

Feet: Smartwool socks, Sealskinz waterproof socks, Lake Sandals

Hands: EMS Schoeller WB400 gloves

Very comfy ride.

Portis 11-19-05 09:54 AM

Today I wore:


Pearl Izumi Zephyr jacket, with unlined vest and Performance Winter Cycling jersey underneath.


Lightweight balaclava. Helmet.


Lightweight winter cycling tights. Cannondale cycling shorts.


Lightweight fleece gloves with Heavy thinsualte convertible mittens over them.


LIght weight cycling socks, with heavy wool socks over top. Shimano High top mountain bike shoes. (clipless- eggbeaters)


38 F With light west wind. Mostly Cloudy.

Got too hot 3 miles into ride. Removed jacket and mittens. Rode 25 miles on gravel/dirt roads. 1 hr. 55 minutes.

Lolly Pop 11-19-05 12:45 PM

Today I wore. . .


Helmet, fleece ear band, clear lenses


Wicking long sleeved MEC undieshirt, merino turtleneck, waterproof breathable Sprayway hydrolite jacket


MEC shorts, MEC whirlwind tights


Columbia hiking socks with wicking properties and lots of padding, Serratus waterproof/windproof booties


Altura Pilot gloves


6 degrees celcius, no wind. Frost on road where the sun hadn't hit yet.

Silverexpress 11-21-05 10:26 AM

Hello, Just subscribing to the thread.

Portis 11-22-05 02:27 PM

Today I wore:


Helmet, Lightweight Balaclava


Performance Winter Cycling Jersey, Lightweight unlined vest, Pearl Izumi Zephyr jacket.


Cannondale cycling shorts, AMPK2 Winter Cycling tights. These are very lightweight, barely can be considered "winter."


Wicking midweight socks, Heavy pair of wool socks from Walmart.
For shoes I wore Shimano High Top Mountain shoes w/ Egg beater cleats.


LIghtweight fleece gloves from Target, Heavy weight Thinsulate convertible mittens from Walmart.


30 F, Calm Wind. Started out in the dark. After sunrise sky was clear. Rode 1 hour 42 minutes. (21 miles)

This is the worst temp for me- right around freezing. This temp is right in between on my tights. Almost too cold for the AM- tights and almost too warm for the Powershield tights. Legs were cool through most of the ride but not uncomfortable.

This is the bottom of the scale for this shoe/foot combo. Almost too cold. I switch to hiking boots when only 5 degrees colder.

Bekologist 11-22-05 11:14 PM

conditions today

40 degrees, foggy to sun, rode mostly in shade. Rode from noon to 5:30.

Head: N2S windstopper beanie, helmet.

Torso: Wool SS jersey, thin capilene longsleeve top, Schoeller dryskin softshell. Also a blaze orange Filson surveyor's vest.

Legs plain wool tights, padded under briefs.

Hands/feet leather work gloves/ midweight smartwool socks, summer mtn shoes, PI toesies

Notes: Wool works! Felt dry the entire ride and wore jersey/tights for an hour or more after getting home, no need to change out of the woolies. Also, continue to recommend a windstopper skullcap for under the helmet, NOT most of the hats sold at subperformance.

KrisPistofferson 11-23-05 01:08 AM

Torso-I wear an average, uninsulated red windbreaker I got for 8 bucks over my work uniform, a SS shirt.
Legs-long pants, tighty whities.
Feet-wool socks, steel toe boots.
Hands-Mittens, my hands are the only part of me that ever gets cold in the winter, so I usually carry them from fall to spring.
Head-Usually nothing, but I have a balaclava for when it gets sub-20 degrees.

I generally don't get cold on my bike, (and I commute every day,) partly because I've always tolerated it well, and partly because this is the South.

PaulH 11-23-05 07:18 AM

conditions today

31 F / 0 C

Head: LL Bean hooded overcoat beneath helmet.

Torso: LL Bean hooded overcoat, Brooks Brothers blazer, short sleeved dress shirt, Armani tie

Legs: Tan slacks.

Hands/feet Grandoe ski gloves, no liner; Rockport loafers, blue socks

Notes: Unbuttoned the coat for last few miles. Cold enough that Totes might have been a good idea.


Bekologist 11-23-05 04:59 PM

Today: low 40's, town riding.

100% Filson clothing top to bottom, all layers, including filson shoes, hat, and gloves. Cotton pants. wool undershirt. Blaze orange Filson surveyor's vest. also wore helmet.

Notes: Comfy!

geraldatwork 11-23-05 05:35 PM

Temperature 29 F 10 mile ride.
Feet-Wool socks
Legs=Old poly/wool tights (25 years) with a cut off long john underwear into shorts.
Body-Nike (UnderArmor type) T-shirt,Duofold poly-wool long sleeve shirt, Cotton turtle neck shirt. Old (also 25 years) Acrylic/wool jacket with wind protection on front of sleeves and chest.
Head-Baclaclavla and helmet.

Dewbert 11-24-05 07:27 PM

Temp 36 F with gusty wind up to 30MPH. 20 mile post-Thanksgiving dinner ride.

Torso/Arms: T-shirt, long john shirt, windproof shell
Head: med wt balaclava with windproof shell hood up
Legs: seat pants under nylon running pants
Hands: Hunter's orange thinsulate-lines heavy hunting gloves
Feet: think nylon sock with wool socks and tennis shoes

All of my body stayed toasty except my toes. They were stiff and numb when I got home. I have to figure out a better way to protect my feet. Can anyone recommend a thin sock that's warm and blocks the wind?

Dewbert 11-24-05 07:28 PM

Originally Posted by Bekologist
Today: low 40's, town riding.

100% Filson clothing top to bottom, all layers, including filson shoes, hat, and gloves. Cotton pants. wool undershirt. Blaze orange Filson surveyor's vest. also wore helmet.

Notes: Comfy!

Aw, man. I LOVE Filson stuff! Good recommendation!

Silverexpress 11-24-05 07:58 PM

Conditions: 19 F; Winds 15-25 mph from the SW; Windchill 0-5 F; Roads packed with 1" snow and ice.

Head: Gortex Helmet cover; Neoprene headband; Scott Ski Goggles; Fleece lined nose cover (don't know what you call it)

Torso: 1st layer Breathable Longsleeve shirt; 2nd layer Sporthill longsleeve 60-40F shirt; 3rd Layer Goretex Shell

Hands: 60-40 F LG Gloves

Legs: 1st layer Thin Jogging pants (Cotton); 2nd layer Gortex Shell

Feet: Cotton Tube Socks; Merrell Chameleon II XCR Gortex Shoes

Goal: This is my weekend morning commute to Einstein Bagels.

Summary: Hands froze. LG's are inadequate for sub freezing weather. Couldn't find my winter gloves. Shoes are new..worked out great. Slight chill in the beginning, but once I got going I was able to generate enough heat to produce a little of a sweat.

This is a fun challenge!

Going out again tomorrow to get some studded tires. Wife thinks I'm krazy.

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