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cs1 11-17-05 02:42 PM

Cold weather riding
As I look out the window at our wonderful North OH snow falling today, I realized that I might need some new cold weather gear. What do all of you daring snow riders wear this time of year. CA riders need not reply.:(


Machka 11-17-05 03:24 PM

Check the winter forum. We're all talking about what to wear over there. :)

Extort 11-17-05 07:24 PM

I know that we need not reply, but I cannot resist...

short sleeves (versus no sleeves), arm warmers (if it is earlier than 8:00 AM), and maybe a light water resistant vest, but only during the month of February.

pedex 11-17-05 09:10 PM

columbus here, today it was long underwear top and bottom, jeans, a sweatshirt, hat, gloves, wool socks........i was plenty warm and comfortable, did about 60 miles,
temp was 20's till afternoon, light snow, and windy

CBBaron 11-18-05 08:14 AM

I'm also from Cleveland. Today I wore a Lands End soft shell jacket over a Coolmax long sleeve T, Performance Triflex tights, a wool cap, water proof socks (for wind protection) over wool socks and MTB shoes and WindPro gloves. My feet were a little cold for the commute but otherwise comfy. I probably should wear my booties for more foot warmth.
I tend to be warmer than most and I ride pretty hard so you may want an extra layer.
The jacket I used is available from Lands End Overstocks for $15 which is a great deal. Its not as breathable as some of the better jackets but at 1/10 the price it well worth it.,,2_...&CM_MERCH=SRCH


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