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nathank 11-18-05 02:51 AM

First Snow!!
so today was the first snow here in Munich!

not really a whole lot - maybe 1-2" and it's not really cold enough (33/34F or 1C or so) so it's already melting on many streets as the sun comes out... but early next wekk should snow more and be a little colder - yeah!!

had been planning to mount the studded bike tires for about a week now as the forecast was for chance of snow all week... never got around to tit, so this morning i changed 2 tires before the commute to work!

but it was SO pretty and white and of course there are simply so many fewer people out when it snows and the snow absorbs all the sounds so it is so quiet and peaceful!!

we had a horribly cold and rainy summer here so i was NOT excited about winter, but then we had a beautiful fall with lots of sunshine so i did TONS of mountain biking and today i am actually excited about winter!!

i worked on my big light last night (overvoltaged 12V system with 10Ah NiMH battery with 2 bulbs - 20W narrow spot and 35W spot) as i needed to redo the wiring and add the overvoltage so it is EVEN brighter... so with my Schwalbe Ice Spiker aggressive studs for the mountain bike i am set for off-road in the dark/snow and my commuter MTB is all set up with the studs! so i'm good to go in the city and on the trail!

anyone else excited about biking in the winter??


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