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JohnBrooking 01-27-06 02:22 PM

Homemade hand warmers
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These are basically beanbags, filled with rice. I stick them in the microwave for about 30 seconds before I leave, and put them in my mittens, on top of my fingers.

  • Keeps fingers toasty
  • Reusable (might have to replace rice periodically, don't know yet)
  • Only lasts about 15 minutes
  • Very damp heat
  • Only useable with mittens
A few years ago someone told us about making footwarmers by microwaving socks filled with rice, so we just adapted the idea. I thought I should share this in case anyone else wants to try it, or has any comments on having done something similar. I like that it doesn't use chemicals and that it is reusable. Maybe different material would produce a dryer heat. These are just terricloth from an old bathrobe I had just torn up into rags.

2manybikes 01-27-06 05:04 PM


Did you experiment with different sizes and different heating times? How long did you heat them for us
cooking impaired people?

Maybe if you put them in a sandwich bag the heat would not be so damp?

The hospital has different bags that can go in boiling water and also be microwaved for a portable
heating pad. I wonder what is in them? We had one that was like a neck pillow.

I bet you could put a couple extra hand warmers in a vacuum insulated food jar if you need another
pair during a trip.

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