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RonH 11-05-02 04:37 PM

Pearl Izumi Cold Front gloves
Anyone have these? What do you think of them for cold temperatures and wind, like riding for more than 1 hour at 40 degrees or colder.
I didn't pay $79.99, just $40. Good deal? :)

I bought a pair (salesman said they were great for cold and wind) and would like some information but can't find anything on the Pearl Izumi website. Have they been discontinued?

RiPHRaPH 11-08-02 07:19 AM

i think i have similar ones. do they crinkle when you wear them? mine have this crinkling sound - i assume the baggie type liner in it- that is its wind break. they do work well. i paid $59.99 3-4 years ago though.

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