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Jarery 02-08-06 12:31 AM

Craft Active Wool
Anyone used these Craft base layers ?

I like wool for an insulation layer, but its not the greatest at moving moisture off your skin. But synthetic layers which move sweat away better typically dont insulate well and feel cold.

Problem with a synthetic base, then a wool mid, then a softshell, is its too many layers for my neck of woods and is too warm.

These are supposedly both layers combined into one thin layer. Synthetic on one side, wool on the other. So what ya think, marketing hype or worth the price if you can find them on sale ?

jhs 02-08-06 07:58 AM

I have a pair of the Craft active wool long sleeve crew. They are a little heavier weight than their regular synthetic base layer and thus are warmer and I like them a lot.

When its cold I still put another layer under them though.

I also have and like the Craft windproof S3 base layers. It seems to be warmer than the active wool, but probably just because it blocks the wind off your torso.

flipped4bikes 02-08-06 11:02 AM

I have had no problem with Craft wool wicking away sweat as opposed to synthetic. I will say that they feel warmer than synthetic. On my commute yesterday, I had the long sleeve zip t, a kodiak jersey and a sugoi softshell. I stayed comfy as I warmed up into the ride, and sweat was not an issue. Of course, it was only 25 F, but never felt clammy using the Craft as the base layer...

FatguyRacer 02-08-06 11:39 AM


I also have and like the Craft windproof S3 base layers.

I got a set of long sleeve and long john S3's on close out in Dec from Crafts website. I use the LS turtleneck all the time. Its so good that down to about 40 deg, I will only wear a regular jersey over it just to have some pockets. I gave the long johns to my wife to wear when she rides her moto in the cold. She tells me they work great. I think they would be too warm for me on the bicycle. I wear bib knickers down to about 40 deg. I would like to get another pair because i know they will be the shiznit with my perforated leathers in the spring time.

Jarery 02-08-06 11:55 AM

Awesome, thanks folks.

Since were at that "winter wear closeout sale time" i'll try to snag some on a winter clearout deal

bikiola 02-08-06 04:27 PM

bump... can you get rid of that dumba5s logo on the neck with a seam ripper, or is it put on there permanently?

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