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SteveFox 03-06-06 11:00 PM

I can do a 360 on my bike on the ice now...
ya so ive been practising up for the last few days of riding and i can now do a controlled 360 on my bike.
Normally when im going downhill i just slam on my rear brakes while going about 15-20 kmh and lean to one side...and i torun around. its quite fun. can anyone else do it, or am i unique?


jeff williams 03-07-06 12:52 AM


SteveFox 03-07-06 01:52 PM

haha ill see what i can do. i tried it today again but wiped out pretty bad lol, i hit a dry patch of dirt and flipped over. it kinda hurt. ill try to get a video of it though.


melianis 03-07-06 11:52 PM

controlled 360 on my bike... its quite fun. can anyone else do it, or am i unique?

congrats!!! A foot on the ground or without?? I managed that with a foot on the ground when i was younger, but havent practised it for a long time. Sliding on a wheelie is also possible over a short patch of smooth ice (about 2,5 m/ 8-9 feet ). Watched with interest when a friend performed this, and tried a few times after that... never since.

divineAndbright 03-09-06 03:48 PM

I wouldnt mind seeing a video of that. I never tried such a thing myself, I think I'd probably wipe out.. but I might give it a shot. I used to try to do 360s on light sand over the pavement about 10 years ago.. use the rear brakes, and when you were around 180 release it and hit the front brakes and try to spin back around. I dont think I got it done..

wfin2004 03-09-06 03:59 PM

Did it accidently on a Suzuki 250 once back in the day. I was quite shocked at the results as I was expecting to go down any second! Of course I had my feet out as outriggers as I was spinning on the ice. By the way, it was only at about 10 mph.

peika 03-19-06 12:52 AM


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