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threadend 12-05-02 06:13 PM

Don't lick your lips + other winter advice
Keep your weight centered between your front and rear wheels to increase your chances of staying up in the event of a slide by either or both wheels.

velo 12-06-02 05:59 AM

Wear a good pair of booties. They're a heck of a lot better than 3 pairs of socks.

Louis 12-07-02 01:04 AM

When making that cold winter bike ride to the bank...dress warmly, and remember to remove your ski-mask before entering the bank. :eek:

Greg 12-07-02 08:49 AM

On those frosty 60 degree days, try arm warmers instead of a jacket.

Arsbars 12-07-02 11:30 PM

wear some type of glasses/goggles

nathank 12-09-02 07:22 AM

unzip your jacket and remove some items like earmwarmers a few minutes BEFORE arriving at your destination at the end of a ride long enough to generate lots of bodyx heat. this way you cool off a little and don't sweat yourself to death as you go from -5C (20F) to inside a building and 22C (65F) or more.

Tom_The_Bikeman 12-09-02 08:08 AM

When it's -3 and 200% humidity, think about mounting 2 (yes, not just one in the front) spiked tires. Prevents falling and riding back home to remount the rear spiked tire...:D

(put up a poll over in Safety as to the desired number of spiked tires required)

have fun,

Chasbo 01-10-03 10:06 AM

Dont lick your alloy handlebars or your tongue will stick to them....I triple dog dare you if you dont believe me....hehehe

MikeR 01-10-03 11:09 AM


Originally posted by Chasbo
Dont lick your alloy handlebars or your tongue will stick to them....I triple dog dare you if you dont believe me....hehehe
Ah-HA! I love that movie! We have 'A Christmas Story' on tape and watch it every year.

Waxbytes 01-12-03 02:29 PM

My advice is to slow down a bit, stay alert, and try not to panic when you do go down. If you live in a northern climate between the snow and the ice and freezing fog, you will go horizontal sooner or later. If your doing a realistic speed and don't panic by sticking an arm out to break the fall...(which works by breaking the arm or collarbone instead) you will find that winter clothing is very good padding and road rash preventer.

Juha 01-13-03 04:05 AM

It is not a good idea to try and lift your rear wheel when braking for your dear life. In fact, it is usually not a good idea to brake for your dear life at all. If you need to stop fast, hit the nearest snow bank.

Do not cry. Frozen tears are not good for your cheeks. For similar reasons, try to avoid spitting.

"Standing up and hammering away" will get a new meaning in a snowy / icy uphill. Even with a studded rear tyre. Keep your a$$ in the saddle if you want to make it all the way up.

BTW, has anyone tried a BOB or similar in winter conditions?


alexeicharkham 01-14-03 11:43 AM

GAP has on sale at the moment earwarmers for 4 pounds UK. they're really good - you dont get as hot as with a woolly hat, but they do the trick on your ears. they're also loads cheaper than proper cycling earwarmers/muffs

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