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CastIron 04-03-06 02:57 PM

I declare...
WINTER IS ******** DEAD! Good riddance and pass the beer.

MudSplattered 04-04-06 11:48 PM

It's still here
Still winter here, pass the beer anyway!

TomM 04-30-06 02:39 PM

Got a little cabin fever.

manual_overide 04-30-06 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by MudSplattered
Still winter here, pass the beer anyway!

alaska is where winter was born. does it ever leave?

manual_overide 04-30-06 09:29 PM

here in ohio, it's definitely a new season. We have all 4:

Not Quite Winter
Still Winter

fruitless 05-04-06 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by manual_overide
alaska is where winter was born. does it ever leave?

I generally declare it gone when the geese arrive, even if its still snowing but I don't really get worked-up about anything until it stops freezing hard at night.

Guest 05-05-06 06:06 AM

I still think it'll snow one more time in Chicago. ;) :p


chrisesposito 05-05-06 07:58 PM

70+ degrees here in Seattle over the last few days. I've got my first open water swim of the year planned for Sunday.

Machka 05-08-06 09:43 PM

It ain't over yet!!

It's supposed to snow tonight ... right now it is +5C and raining so snow is indeed quite likely. And tomorrow's high is +1C. :(

Serendipper 05-08-06 11:13 PM

I am seriously considering migrating to the Florida Keys like a duck come first hint of frost from now on...

I dee-clair, wintah sucks!

badhat 05-11-06 08:06 PM

i tried to declare this last week, and then yesterday, i rode to work in shorts and a longsleeved jersey.. it was pleasant at about 65 degrees when i left for work but then over the course of my day it dropped 20 degrees and the wind picked up (headwond, of course).

i actually had to go to the nearest lbs and buy a base layer or i wouldnt have made it home. i was more uncomfortable by virtue of bein under dressed than i was on the coldest sub zero days this winter where i was layered appropriately

jaypee 05-12-06 07:34 AM

Parts of Wisconsin got a couple of inches last night. To be perfectly honest, I miss winter already.

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