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yendor28 04-05-06 12:14 AM

what clothes to wear for me

Getting ready for winter. ABout 5 degrees celcius minimum but VERY WINDY!

I am considering some long johns and undershirt from a camping store, shirt and pants and a windbreaker.

THinking a balaclava for the wind.

How does that sound? Are the long johns and undershirt appropriate for riding?

what else can you recommend

MichaelW 04-05-06 03:51 AM

Close fitting jogging tights (tracksters) are useful at cool temps.
Balaclavas are for really cold conditions. A neck-tube (headover or buff) is useful and can be pulled up over the ears if the temp drops.
Long-sleeved hiking jerseys are excellent for winter riding.
Winter windbreakers need to be heavier duty than 3-season ones. I use the huff test, huffing through the material. I look for material which can resist my breath but does let it pass at high pressure.
Pertex is a useful material for cycling windproofs. Pertex over-pants are useful when the temp drops to near 0C. They are light and easy to carry and dry in minutes.

yendor28 04-07-06 02:07 AM

thank you!

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