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Mikey C 12-10-02 06:33 PM

Who rides clipless?
I was just wondering if anyone else uses clipless pedals in the winter time. I can't seem to go back to platforms, even though the thought of slipping on ice sickens me. Luckily the roads here haven't been that bad at all.


Jean Beetham Smith 12-10-02 07:39 PM

I continue in my wishy-washy ways. I ride Shimano m-324's year round on my hybrid and MTB. It gives the option of clicking in or not. On icy roads with traffic I often ride with 1 foot in & 1 out. It also gives the option of using my pac-boots if it ever gets colder than 5F. It leaves me the advantages of clipless on hills. I don't think I could completely give up clipless at this point.

Arsbars 12-11-02 04:23 PM

I do, except on my mtb- I've always run platform on that bad boy.

nathank 12-11-02 05:09 PM

yes, i ride clipless all winter. i have Gaernet Polar boots, neoprene overshoes and Speedplay Frogs. i have problems with cold feet but with warm socks my feet stay pretty warm - actually, i've been riding this week in cold - today was high of -4C (24F) and no cold feet!

as to ice. i can unclip super fast - you just have to practice. i have studded tires both front and back. for those times when you don't see it and hit solid ice and go down instantly having non-cliples pedals won't help anyway.

i guess the only reason i would switch to non-clipless is if i were doing lots of hiking in the snow where even with the neoprene overshoes my feet might get cold from the snow. then maybe winter hiking boots.

chewa 12-12-02 06:07 AM

I've used SPD for the past few months and went down on black ice. Wouldn't have matterd if I was on platforms or with toe clips.

My feet released right away. Getting my clenched buttocks off the saddle was more difficult :)

DanFromDetroit 12-12-02 02:22 PM

Most of my riding consists of "in-town" errands and commuting. I have found that toe-clips work best for me. I don't need to carry "extra" shoes and I can exit toe clips very rapidly if I need to.

I use those great big green rubber insulated boots to keep my feet warm. I make them slightly stiffer by getting them a size or a size and a half larger and then inserting the insoles from an old pair of running shoes into the boots.

On very cold or wet sloppy days, I have a pair of neoprene socks. These I recommend highly for keeping your feet warm and dry.

This setup is extremely unfashionable, but quite practical.


bikeman1956 12-12-02 02:56 PM

In my neck of the woods and I mean woods I wear ice mans with flat pedals. It gets cold very cold also snow. I only ride a mountain bike once the snow flies. RIDE ON!

nikos 12-13-02 08:21 AM

I actually use my speedplay pedals on my mountain bike right now. I know when more snow hits I will have to go to spd. Ive gone down twice in the last two weeks, both times, my foot came out, but when you hit the ice your going down fast. I find its best to go with the movement, land on my side and roll or skid! With winter clothing on and helmet, I find it sort of fun? No pain yet.

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