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hillyman 12-14-02 07:46 PM

Snow Riding Website
Just read my RBR ezine and saw this link for Icebike. There is a website for EVERYTHING ! Now that my hybrid has become my 2nd bike, I'm tempted to flirt with disaster with my 42 year old bones and ride tomorrow. I can see myself putting screws in my knobbies in the future. I must be forgetting all the crashes on ice delivering newspapers in my youth:D

Jean Beetham Smith 12-14-02 09:30 PM

Go do it. It's hard work at times, but lots of fun. It also helps make you a better rider (if you don't break anything).

Michel Gagnon 12-15-02 05:32 PM


Originally posted by hillyman
Just read my RBR ezine and saw this link for Icebike. ....

This site is also known as

A lot of it caters to off-road riders and to people who ride on roads with real packed ice.

I would suggest you look at the "Commuting" pages and at "Members" pages.

One good page, with lots of local (to you) information is

Take it slowly and cautiously and with fenders, and you will be OK.


naisme 12-24-02 07:17 PM

My favorite Ice Bike page... lot's of contraptions and entertainment in the wide open spaces of a MN lake.

MikeR 01-04-03 08:44 AM

I'm tired of wating for the roads to clear. Yesterday I ordered 2 studded bike tires. By next weekend I'll be on the road again!

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