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Guest 01-03-03 12:42 AM

Not sure where to put this, but...
I am looking for a riding partner. I live in Chicago, and yes, it's cold, which is why I can't seem to find anyone to ride with. :( So if anyone knows anyone that is riding and wouldn't mind having someone trail after them, feel free to drop me a message. I am mostly available mornings, but I have a few evenings available too.

I am not the fastest rider in the world, so speedy gonzales would not work for me. But I do put my best foot foreward and I would work hard.

I had a guy that claimed he wanted to ride, but when we finally met, he admitted that it was a bit too cold for him. So that was a dead end. He's nice, but just a wus, that's all. Hey- I'm a wus too, but I wouldn't make a plan to ride outside with someone knowing I wouldn't be able to ride in that cold weather. So I am partner-less for now.

Thanks for your help!


Gojohnnygo. 01-03-03 01:35 PM

:thumbup: I have the same problem in this neck of woods, Seems like I ride every winter all alone.Good luck and more power to you.

Jean Beetham Smith 01-03-03 06:27 PM

Koffee, I suggest you PM or e-mail ViciousCycle. Besides doing Critical Mass, he is also a year-round commuter in Chicago and has contacts with cycling clubs that have educational evenings about winter commuting in Chicago. If you two aren't in near enough neighborhoods, I bet he can direct you to some folks in your area. Another Chicagoan is HilaryRose.

sistinas 01-03-03 09:48 PM

Check out for Chicago-area winter riding. You might be able to find a riding partner there!

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